San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


@Elt1 has some pretty convincing reasons for London. And I don’t like her being booted out by the Supes.

OK, you keep me posted on who’s the most moderate of the radicals.


@sfdragonboy’s wife?


That must be why @sfdragonboy’s not inviting us to his house…


She looks nothing like the porn star though haha


Use google translate.


Hair is about right…


Good…maybe some complaining to those idiots in high ivory towers might get something done.


It IS dirty here! Today my parents are coming over to my place and I had to remove a condom wrapper that was inches from my front door in preparation. I don’t think it would have created the right impression of their single daughter living alone…

I was thankful I saw it when I went for my coffee run! I then decided to do an extra sweep of my half block. Several other wrappers and multiple poops but they’re far enough away from my front door that I’m leaving them for 311.


Get a grib!



How’s that different from San Francisco? Oh, I know! Men who pee on street don’t dress as nice. :rofl:


Really… :rofl:


Ok the first two pics are just guys peeing on the street. Poop and used condoms is way worse than pee!

I will concede the last picture is worse than what I’ve seen in SF.


Like I said before people are too spoiled on this forum (I think this applies to many Americans in general). Never experienced an ounce of hardship their entire life. If they had ever been to a third world country they wouldn’t be comparing SF to “world class filth”.


We come to America because it’s supposed to be first world. Nobody comes here and pay thru the nose for a house in SF because they want to see condom wrappers and feces at their door.

How much does a house sell for in your favorite slum? Is it 1.5m USD?


Don’t worry, people are still willing to pay 1.5m for that house even if there are condoms and feces everywhere… :rofl:


Vote out progressive politicians that coddle the homeless.SF is now known as an attractive nuisance…A mecca for homeless, where $40k a year per person is spent to make everyone else’s life miserable…


SF attracts homeless not because of politics but because of its nice weather. You don’t see any homeless tenting out in Canada… they’ll freeze to death.


When can we end neoliberalism?
Liberalism is good but neoliberalism is overboard.


There are plenty of homeless in Tahoe…As long as the liberal machine supports them they will come, even when it is zero degrees outside…


Looks like Redwood City.