San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


London doesn’t have any trash, feces, or drug needles on the streets. I haven’t seen any homeless either.


London is not apparently immune to the homeless issue…


There are 7500 homeless people in San Francisco. The entire England has only 4800. I bet if you count the entire Britain it will still be less than SF, a tiny city of 800k people.


Because uk is too cold. Homeless will freeze to death during winter. It is a weather problem not politics or cultural.


Obviously the weather is key but let’s not mince words, if the cops rouse you up the sec your arse hits the pavement, every time, you would get it, that the Fab 7x7 is not soft on loitering and you MIGHT go elsewhere. Unfortunately, we have the opposite and then people wonder WTF???


Ok let’s have the cops gun down all homeless tomorrow and throw their bodies into the sea to feed the sharks. SF homeless problem solved!!! :rofl:


Homeless problem can be easily solved. Build enough homeless shelters and that’s it. But the fact is that many refuse to go to the shelters. Some have drug problems and shelters won’t let them use drugs. Some have pets and shelters don’t allow pets. Some have spouse and shelters may not let them have sex.

Whatever. Beggars can’t be choosers. Free housing of course should have strings attached. Why do homeless people have pets anyway? Just tell them, shelthers or jail, and jail has more rules.


OMG… pets are the only source of happiness in their wretched lives… please don’t take them away from the homeless… :cry:


How about sex and drugs? Pets ok but no drugs? How cruel! :smile:


Sex and drugs are source of all evil. Let’s castrate all homeless, but give them pets… :rofl:


Pet owners in sf get financial assistance. I hear this is main source of income for many homeless folks.


OK. That does it! No pets! :rage:


It’s not that much colder than San Francisco. Average temperature in SF in January is 55 high and 45 low. In London its 43 and 37. 8 Degrees colder at night. It is a lot further north but it gets warmed by the gulf stream.


The increasing numbers on the homeless population is based not on Californians becoming homeless but the red states sending, or ignoring their beloved citizens are leaving to our state. Add to that, the drug problem that is coming from the 80s from Reagan and his famous Contra deals with Nicaragua and the Iranians.

Houston has the same problem, but I’ve heard that it seems that these people down on their luck are coming from states where they were promised a job by you know who, or the benefits or assistance for their drug problems are closed by republicans.

If we love California, or the Silicon valley, why not people who think, same as those voting for the liar in the white house, that richness will rub on them and they will become rich and famous. Famous they are by you berating them, but rich? Not even you, or I…that’s for sure.

Oh…there’s a video going around of Orange county, a predominant republican stronghold. This guy, goes through about a mile or two of homeless tents, on both sides of the video, kind of gets the goosebumps on you to witness so much poverty.

If you think that tax cuts given to billionaires are going to fix this problem, you are in serious denial. This is just the beginning. Next you will see the French guillotines. :rofl:



In SF cops can’t protect you. It’s up to angry bees.


…with AR15s. Oh sorry, those are used for hunting…


don’t start it man!


Did anybody mention an AR…:smile:

Oh, by the way. I found out one of my neighbors turned into a type of a homeless slowly but surely. I saw his transformation like in fast motion. A year ago I saw him riding a bike, then, he disappeared all the sudden, I though he had left. A month ago, he resurfaced, with clothing all dirty, like living under a bridge you know. All hairy, and pulling one of those supermarket carts full of unbelievable crappy stuff not even a pig would play with. The police even visited him for some things I didn’t want to find out because he lives in a garage in a friend’s house and he may be related to him.

So, I believe, he lost his mind somehow, and it’s heart breaking to see him a looney when he was jovial and full of life. :sleepy:


Shelters are not permanent homes. They kick the homeless out after some hours so that they can poo at your street :rofl: