San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


Are people in SF really protesting the death of an illegal immigrant that was shooting a gun at the police? That’s insane. I guess the police should have given him a hug instead of shooting back.


Yes, I will admit not one of the brighter days in the Fab 7x7. Nor was this when this went down…


I called that shooting a murder. The guy, even though he was armed, almost passed couple of feet from the police officer you see alone there.

For the stupid people commenting about illegals, go ahead and take the place of their children serving in the army.


San Francisco: City of World Class Robbery.


City leaders really need to get their act together.

“The astounding level of mismanagement and general deterioration of public decency will continue to plague the city until reasonable measures are taken to combat vagrancy.”



So, adding to the constant work on structures, pot holes every where, no parking, now robberies on the highways and open houses?

Oh well! only Pollo Loco makes me go there and that’s a sacrifice I can commit to. :hugs:


It’s worse than that–homeless people despise other homeless people. I’ve now met two homeless people who’ve refused services because of it. One said “I’d rather pass out drunk at a bar than spend the night with THOSE people.” The other–trying to sell books to get money for food–refused to go to a “homeless” lunch happening at that very moment at a church a couple of blocks away because “Those guys are all thieves!!!”


Don’t mess with Seattle.

Ok, this probably makes us more of a target, but we could launch one hell of an attack.


Talk about Sleepless In Seattle…


When asked by fellow Twitter users to elaborate on his GDC experience, Deniz claimed he intervened in a mugging, experienced racial abuse, “toxic dudes in events” and had his credit card skimmed. Deniz added that Airbnb hosts canceled last-minute on “heaps of people,” and “scores of devs” had “rejected visas or (were) hassled by TSA.”

“The downtown area felt really unsafe to both myself and apparently many other attendees,” he wrote. Deniz could not be reached for comment.

Deniz was not alone in his observations. Morgan Jaffit has attended GDC in San Francisco for more than a decade. In response to Deniz’s tweets, Jaffit, a co-founder of indie games studio Defiant Development, wrote: “Oh it’s not just you. Every international I’ve spoken with is still shell shocked after this year.”

SFGATE reached out to Jaffit, and the Australian developer described a host of crimes he witnessed during his week in San Francisco, including the smash-and-grab of a parked vehicle, a knife fight and, after a GDC presentation at the Four Seasons Hotel, “10 police cuffing a guy outside the door.”

“None of that was in ‘bad neighborhoods,’” he said over email. “It was all within one block of the show, or on Market.” The Moscone Convention Center is located on 3rd Street in SoMa.


Solution: move the conference to San Jose. :smile:


Solution move the homeless to Fresno. Get rid of rent control, progressives and sanctuary. Allow unfettered housing development and allow the cops to enforce the law


Fine, the attendees would still come up to the Fab 7x7 for activities. There is nothing there, there in San Jose remember???


San Jose has the best Chinese restaurant in Bay Area. :+1:


Sorry, me speaks the truth usually. No one heads down there for Chinese food. It is simply not that great or better to make the drive. And besides, what the heck are you going to do in San Jose after dinner? That’s right, head back to the Fab 7x7 where the lights and pretty people want to be…


Um yeah, I have to say as a Millbrae resident, Millbrae has the best Chinese food. Actually, I don’t even know.


Yes, even Millbrae I have heard people going there for food…San Jose? not so much


No, best Chinese food in the bay is in the Richmond district.


Wow, that is a good one…better than Millbrae eh?