San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


You know I’m talking about DB right…:smile:

Millbrae is not good IMO. People rave about the Kitchen, Yi Yuan, the Shanghai Dumpling place, etc., but they are all just mediocre.


I received credible intelligence that the Shaolin Chicken Pot in millbrae is legit. Need to go try it out.


Yes, of course, but one restaurant does not make a whole neighborhood of a city the best damn chinese food in the bay. Names, please…


But that’s what you did with San Tung?? :unamused:


Well, I never really said that meant that the Sunset had the best Chinese food in the Bay did I? I don’t think I am that crazy…


The best hangout in the Sunset in the good old days…

Lost Weekend
formerly 1940 Taraval Street between 29th and 30th Avenues, The Sunset

There will always be a place in my heart for the Sunset District, the place where some of my favorite people were raised (my wife being one of them). And it’s also the former home to one of the most laugh-provoking pubs that I ever spent a dollar in: a place called The Lost Weekend. When you walked in the door, past that glass brick front, the first thing you noticed was what, at first glance, seemed to be a piano. Okay, it’s a piano bar, right? Wrong. That’s an ORGAN, and Lost Weekend was the best Organ Bar I’ve ever seen. The organist could play everything, with a playlist that was heavily laden with Standards, but he would not let a then-current Rock song stop his flow. And there was one particular Regular, an older lady, who probably had Opera training in her past, that would hit notes that shook the glassware. Lost Weekend offered good booze, live music like no other, a hang with the fine Sunset Natives, and the funniest night out ever. I miss hearing “White Room” on a Wurlitzer. But, maybe that’s just me.

The good news? It is currently the Parkside Tavern, a nice, friendly local’s hangout with good food and live music (but no organ sing-a-long. And that’s okay.)

Lost Weekend was a classic dive bar we would go to after Rugby games…
Most of the dive Bars of my youth are gone…The Saloon and Abbey Tavern are still around…

Back in the early 70s our favorite dive bar was the Coffee Gallery on Grant st…Beer was $1.50 for a 64 oz pitcher and we would drink 3 pitchers each and drive back to UC Berkeley…


Other than San Tung I haven’t heard you raved about any other Chinese restaurant. I believe what you said was even more extreme, that it’s the best Chinese food in CA because SoCal people would come all the way here to eat those chicken wings? :roll_eyes:


I, and, The Thrillist stand by the wings. The best wings in California, baby!!!


What does this have to do with “San Francisco:city of world class filth”? Move it to "You want excellent chinese food Manch? I came here looking for a story about San Francisco filth.


Those filthy chicken wings are 90 calories with 10 grams of fat each… lethal… lol


I agree, I think we have these long threads now that are spiraling away from the original topic. We should start new threads more often on new topics!


All threads eventually degenerate into either Chinese food or Trump, hopefully not both at the same time. :smile:


By all means create new threads or continue threads as you see fit. Frankly, I don’t see any right or wrong. Yes, we should eventually get back on topic, but in the real world we do take a break and eat…:grin:


We are back on the filth beat!

Businesses looking to make San Francisco their new home are increasingly shying away, according to commercial real estate agents and brokers with decades of experience. Industry insiders blame soaring rent, high labor costs, and a dangerous mix of trash, feces, and used needles scattered along the city’s streets and sidewalks.

“They’re telling us that the city is filthy, that they don’t want to be there,” said Hans Hansson, a native of San Francisco who owns Starboard, the city’s largest independently owned commercial real estate firm.

“We have a lot of people that have initially expressed interest to come out here and have chosen not to,” he said. “They test the waters — they kind of check things out and you don’t hear from them again.”


Best (insert some ethnic food here) is always the one in 5 min driving distance. Nuf said.



“and according to a 2016 survey, you aren’t considered wealthy in San Francisco until your net worth tops $6 million.”

Is that all it takes? You guys must all be wealthy :slight_smile:


There was, or there’s going to be a meeting with 10 mayors of cities in the BA. I think they are proposing a $130 M plan to alleviate this problem.

I wonder if there’s any investigation about the whereabouts of those becoming homeless. Are they from CA? Or somewhere else?


Add deadbodies to the mix now. :scream:


But is anyone listening down at City Hall???