San Francisco: City of World Class Filth



If your leaders are highly prioritizing creating days to honor criminals, it is a safe bet that a urine free BART is waaaaaaay down the list…


Well what do we pay that Chinese janitor 200k for again?? :thinking:


BART of course is not owned and run by SF. BART does what it pleases and you will pay for it regardless if you like it or not…


Here’s a better idea: arrest the junkies who use drugs on city streets.


The jails don’t have room. Soon you’ll have “safe spaces” for drug use.


Yup. July 1st. Pretty soon.


This whole trend has turned me off from living in major cities. I’m honestly not a fan of suburbia either, so I think I’ll go where I can get an acre or two of land.


So true. I used to go to SF every few months for better restaurants 18+ years ago. Now I never go. It’s sad to see a city get this bad.



I still think climate is a huge factor. There’s a reason you see so much homelessness on the west coast. The weather is mild. Try surviving a NY winter living outside.

What I don’t get is how SF can spend so much on the issue and it only gets worse. They can’t even measure the effectiveness of the money spent.


That’s government for ya.


Turns out it’s us who paid for those :syringe:


Landlords and techies are enemies of the city. Druggies are fine.


Are you serious??? :scream:


The trained staff should teach how to overdose…problem solved


Are you serious??? :scream:


The amazing part is they claim it’ll save the city money.


Are you serious??? :scream:


Put one of these on every street corner, especially in high priced areas. It will scare those greedy techies away and drag down house price. Many birds with one stone.