San Francisco Is The Place To Be


The gloom and doomers like Lexa that bought gold lost the most…Down 18% Or even just hoarding cash…big looser


Hey, hey, hey… just haven’t found the right investment yet…


Too much cash chasing too few worthwhile investment. Now we have asset inflation and over valued stocks. We have to live with this situation till Uncle Sam stops printing money.



True if during those five years, no PITI. No monthly repayment, no mortgage interest, no maintenance, no property tax, no house insurance, no home improvement, no repairs, nada other costs. Btw, AAPL has dividends, and selling commission of a house is much higher than the negligible stock commission.


Ok, but if the property was your primary shelter, that has a lot of value no? How about the tax benefits of home ownership?

Don’t be knocking the Fab 7x7, @hanera!!! :slight_smile:


Exactly. The comparison is complicated. If want a simplistic comparison, compare full cash buying of house vs full cash buying a stock equity. Otherwise, I can also use call option of buying a stock to compare with the x downpayment of a house.


Fair enough… but how many people can say they own a SF proper home? Any Tom, Dick or Harry can own a share of Facebook…


Wow…that is some coin…and no restrictions


When do you think money printing will stop? The government needs to print money to deal with debt, social security, and medicare. Also, government tax revenue is dependent on appreciating asset values. Local governments need home prices to go up to increase property tax revenue. The federal government needs stock prices to rise to create investment income. The rapid rise in assets only magnifies the wealth gap in the country.


“The Bay Area right now is like the Florence of the Renaissance."

Yup. I haven’t thought of it that way but that’s exactly right.


Some financial/ economic professors are burning midnight oil and cracking their coconuts on this issue. Current monetary system requires inflation which mean print money if can’t collect enough tax revenue to pay debt & obligation. Need a new system.


That’s a pretty recent phenomenon. There was a time when the US government was very small, and we only borrowed money for wars. We actually paid off the debt too. Then we started listening to economic theorists who only work in academia.


Then D-Day came…the rise of the Democrats!!! Spend! Spend! Spend!


It’s easy to be popular when you promise to give people things by taking the money from someone else. There’s a reason the founders only wanted tax payers to vote. Imagine if a company offered jobs where 20% of the employees worked. Then 80% didn’t work but still received a portion of the company’s sales.


lol that’s called capitalism. I receive a portion of apple profits without lifting a finger. Ask me how


That’s called being an investor. That’s very different, since you’re risking your own money.



I had to google where yuba city is. Really? No 7? Also how come nothing from SoCal? Embarrassing.


The fact that we have covered many of the top 10 spots right here is pretty cool. Our posters really do know a lot of what is going on out there.