San Francisco Is The Place To Be


Yes, and despite our Bored of Stupidvisors…(but an auspicious ranking of 28th in the world, i’ll take it…)


I thought you won’t accept anything but #1 for your Fab7x7.


Well, that is #1 for USA. I will accept that. I certainly recognize that there are other places on Mother Earth that are probably better but realistically would I want to be there? Say, Germany. Me, Mr Chinatown Boy? I don’t think so…


The Fab 7x7 leads the way again!!!


How does that make you feel Mr. Republican?


Good! Hey, I am not a right winger by any means. I just believe in being fiscally responsible and not wasting money on programs that literally have no value whatsoever.




Wasting money on local level = bad news

Wasting money on national level = stimulus

Deficit spending can be ok for a nation with power to issue currency, dangerous for state and citystrong text


Any estimate on the fiscal impact on SF budget?


Anybody scalding Ebay and Paypal?
According to numbers, to math, I can make more money than you guys with $20 invested in stuff I find at the flea markets and sell on Ebay.
For example, I bought bunches of Vietnamese CDs. Among them, one that went over $200 on the final bid. Not bad for $0.35 investment.

Now, remember, once you stop the “illegals” from sending money abroad via Paypal, which is using a Mexican look alike entity, Paypal will burn. Thanks to the “pelos de elote”. Translate it if you can.

There’s a war of some sorts between a real billionaire Slim and the fictitious Trump. I hope you get it now why “pelos de elote” is mad at anybody richer than him.


What is your current ebay profile ranking? I am small time, but mine is decent at over thousand (100% clean). Profit pays for my lunches and do-dads…


Already can do so with Costco. Buy from Costco in bulk and then sell in small quantities on eBay.


Another day…another award for the Fab 7x7!!! San Ho on the list, @manch?


Excellent news for Oakland at #10. This will help Oakland beat SJ on the future


Honestly, I don’t see how Oakland got ranked so high. I know there are bus lines and BART but didn’t think coverage was that good.


Maybe many Googlers live a car free life in SF and many low income folks do not own a car?

Seriously, Google/Apple/etc all have shuttles to Oakland. If the low income folks can survive Oakland without a car, Google dudes could also live their car-free life there


Pretty much all millennials and gen Xers(?) don’t own cars in SF. Most Uber or bike and walk. Rent is already so expensive and you think you can have a car? Yeah, right… in your next life maybe…


Most of my peers in SF own a car in the city. One Googler that I went on dates with didn’t have a car and got around using Zipcar.


This Gen Xer owns two cars in the city. Proud to be American. :slight_smile:


You and your cronies are the rare and privileged breed.