San Francisco Is The Place To Be


Seems the young and wealthy do not own cars. The older and less wealthy own cars


I am at 1,300 100% feedback.
The profits too have kept me free of debt.


Did you hear Trumputin wants to impose a 2% tax on any money going overseas? Basically I believe to any money going to Mexico?
Next? Those darn Chinese abusing the tariffs…:smile:


Nice! Believe me, I have always wanted to do an eBay store of some sort. My sister’s friend quit his engineering job to do eBay full-time. Supposedly doing very well. Since I have inlaws in Singapore and Malaysia, I am trying to leverage that connection but can’t think of anything yet.


The Fab 7x7 takes the top honors in healthy life survey!!!


You have to find a supplier of unique things. Drop shipping I think they call it. Otherwise, you become the same product being reduced a penny at a time to beat others.


Yes, while I do take Muni 5 days out of the week, we do own 3 cars in a DINK family. Oops. Wifey needs to drive to work in city (company provided parking) since away from Muni and she is a high heel girl (will not do sneakers with dress clothes).


Yeah, and that is the difficult part of course. From my experience as a seller for many years, the smaller the item the better for both lower shipping costs and ease of handling (sometimes ship before work). The good old days were when the post office near me was open on Sundays!!! Yes, true. I have sold off a lot of my comic collection but still have more stuff to sell. I am in that mode of getting rid of stuff though (learned that from a tenant) and ebay selling is a fun diversion and pays for my lunches. I find it cool when say a rare music cd single sells for a $100 when I bought it for a dollar. If I can find something unique from Malaysia/Singapore that would be perfect since my relatives are there. I will be going there for the first time probably end of the year and def plan to do some searching for both properties and stuff.

My wife’s friend who quit his FT engineering gig sells small nick nacks from Asia (probably China). Supposedly, he does fairly well.


Find fine jewelry that is not that expensive. Customary/folkloric clothing? I would search Ebay and put on the browser xxxxxx Singapore, or just Singapore or Thailand/Malaysia and see what’s selling. You can dissect the search by item on the left, say music, collectibles, CDs, Videos, etc. I know there’s a stamp that is worth some bucks.

Yes, the smaller, the better. Shipping is killing Ebay sellers. Sometimes, I find small items by the bunches, and out of curiosity I want to see how much they go on Ebay. Dang! They are sold for $0.99 free shipping. No way I am going to pay $1 for each one to resell. I would lose my arse.

I just shipped a 7 pound box and it cost me $29. I paid $30 for the lot. And I sold if for $90. 10% fees for Ebay, 3% for Paypal.
God! Don’t make me add them up, I will puke knowing what’s my profit.



Fun, carefree events (but for charity) like this happen in San Ho? Doubt it…


Geez, Noe fixer fetched 17 offers to end at sold price of 2M (hmmm, all cash). Fab 7x7 craziness continues…


Aaaah, a fun and reasonably cheap activity is back in the Fab 7x7!!! @manch, can you do this in San Ho???:grin:

The referenced guidelines are in this story…


Ocean beach still feels pretty dumpy. My favorite beach of the entire Bay Area is still Capitola. Used to go there 3 or 4 times a year when we lived in San Jose. Now it’s too far. :cry:


Alex had to chime in on this crazy one too. 17 bids with a 2M selling price on a fixer!!!


Wow, nice place to “work” at…




at first, then you leave…



Numbers don’t compute . The shacks were 149-259 sq feet. Now they are 750 sq feet. Not possible to do. These are not the real thing. Well the one in the Mission looks partially real. Best to be torn down. These shacks were designed to last two years