San Francisco Is The Place To Be

I bet they all just sat there and watched the criminals just take what they wanted.

The police are so lame and soft here!!!

Don’t think the last two guys get SF money. Their posts are dripping with idiocy and jealousy.

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Alas, nobody can beat Taylor Swift. Truly the Queen of America.

Oden is going to have her be his running mate for VP

Soon women would start wearing diapers and no longer wear pants.

What is the reason she is so popular?

Universal value. People, including women, love liberty.

Also the reason why MAGA losers hate her.

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Dogpatch is awesome. Indian parents approve.

Whatever the reason the Chinese people like her it has nothing to do with “freedom.” Foreigners have always been enamored with American commercialism and American “glitz.” Few have any real respect for our constitution.
Some of it is generational. If you grew up with Hendrix, Zeppelin, U2, The Doors, Steely Dan and later Sting etc. she’s just not that talented. She’s the “Walmart” of pop. Jingles with shallow story lines and little message that are geared to have the maximum appeal to the maximum number of people. Not an art form which breaks new ground. It’s a great way to make bank. Walmart likely makes more money that any other retailer. But unlike those groups from the 60’s through the 80’s no one will be listening to it in 50 years.
In a way it reflects the lowering of standards everywhere. That’s what people object to. I’m not sure TS herself would disagree with this. For a celebrity, apart from her politics, she’s fairly grounded and based.

Is why I ask the question.

I watch YouTube of her recent performance. Can’t sing, can’t dance, look ordinary and horrible body.

Liberty? Lol.

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This won’t age well. It’s just like old man yelling at the cloud. Your dad wouldn’t think very highly of the 80s group either.

Is Michael Jackson also like Walmart? What about the Beatles? They were also universally popular everywhere in their days.

People still listen to Micheal Jackson and The Beatles.
Jackson was one screwed up guy but he did have a creative flair that Taylor Swift lacks.

Taylor Swift has been a singer for over 20 years and people still love her. In fact more so than ever. I won’t bet she doesn’t have staying power.

Not to your taste doesn’t mean her music is bad.

SF alone accounts for 40% of VC investment.

We’ve been over this. Now it’s as silly as you being anti AAPL for the last 5 years.

Come on baby!!!

‘Staggeringly’ better market: SF real estate could be bouncing back (

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