Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


Glad to read technology can be so helpful for some!!


@wuqijun and @Roy321,

Chill out… . I was just playing off of @Roy321’s post where the Google screen shot was inadvertently pasted in. I thought it was pretty funny anyway…


I’m a Google investor. I have a duty to protect its brand in order to prop up its stock price… :laughing:


You talk like a 兵 material, not a 将 material.


See, I told you not to quit Chinese school…


Sfdragonboy’s Mother


LOL. That’s cause he’s 纸上谈兵.


@BAJacket just wins passive aggressive Chinese forum. :grinning:


Going back to milpitas I think even the smell police has to agree the so-called smell problem hasn’t dent milpitas’ rise much. And I bet as the region grows ever richer the call to shut down the landfill will get louder and louder. Better buy milpitas before it reaches 2M.


Doubtful capped by Fremont values.


How old will I be in 2041??? :thinking:

Against the wishes of many Milpitas residents, this action will allow for the expansion of the landfill and also push out its closing date from 2025 to January 2041.


We’re looking at Los Altos and Palo Alto close to my wife’s work.

I would have loved to have bought in Palo Alto in 2008 early 2009 – I really like Eichler homes that were in the $1.2m range then – but my wife thought I was crazy for wanting to take out a $600k mortgage. She accused me of wanting to show off so I told her forget it.

Here we are, less than ten years later, essentially paying double. I’ve been trying to rationalize this with myself for the past year but I can’t get over it. We wasted so much money on rent.

Yes, we don’t need to live in Los Altos or Palo Alto, but because of my heath issues, we need to live close to her work so she has a short commute. There are no guarantees, but she’s a safe bet to be with her company for some time (knock in wood) especially given she’s Chinese and in corporate and her company is big on diversity.


Damn, @BAJacket, I thought we were tight… :cry:


All wrong.

Google employees = 兵
Google managers = 将
All talk and no action (as in no money in the game) = 纸上谈兵
Investors like me = 投資達人 :rofl:

@hanera and @BAJacket, see the difference? :slight_smile:


See, @hanera, here’s an example of what I said earlier…


The fly problem is not limited to the two strip malls. It’s spread out to the 237-Calaveras Blvd area too. I don’t know how it can be controlled except by spraying but that would be costly for such a “nuisance”.


So have you finally bought in Palo Alto, essentially paying double on what you would have paid 10 years ago?


Still looking right now but inventory is tight. North Los Altos especially.

We’ve enrolled our daughter into Bowman School, a private Montessori, for the year so we bought ourselves some time.

Ultimately, the wife wears the pants in this household and she pays.


I don’t know what is your point is the reason why I didn’t follow up your last response. And still didn’t know what is your point of above statement. What I said is if you can you should buy regardless of market condition. Are you giving me an example of he can but didn’t buy? But is clear that he no longer can in his neighborhood and he can’t move away… so he can’t now… so what he can few years ago, is irrelevant now.


That’s not how you say it. Allow me, “You are the breadwinner of the household, she merely brought back the bacon” Maintain our male dignity :grinning:

In addition, you should also tell others, “You make all the major decisions in your household, she merely decides which decision is major or not”. See, male is still the ONE.


I’ve always wanted to buy something in Palo Alto too! Every time I had the opportunity to do so, I ended up buying elsewhere. However, my goal is to eventually move to Palo Alto… :slight_smile: