Schools in SF?


Or, only the upper middle class can afford to have one working parent instead of two.


Could be the high schools are too lenient. AFAIK, high schools curve grades to 25% A, 35% B, 35% C, D/F 5%. Also, so many extra credits and participation credits. So getting perfect GPA in high school is a piece of cake. In my son’s high school, 40% of the cohort gets at most 1 B per semester. Getting an A is not that great, getting B is embarrassing. So high schoolers are being shocked by UC standard.


Wow. First you found fault with women staying at home and being housewives. Now you are their champion because their career is actually to take care of children. Make up your mind!

Maybe the term “living off of someone” isn’t a nice way to say it, but it is actually a reality. How much does it cost to send your children to day care while you are at work? Consider that and you’ll see what I mean.


I have no problem with women staying home. I have a problem with your wording it like so many men are graciously supporting these lazy women who lucked out in the looks department.


This type of attitude still prevailed in SEA nations (& China/HK, my guess). My wife’s dad didn’t give any inheritance to my wife. Her brothers got a few houses, the shop houses and the business.


Actually I don’t think it’s at all common in Hong Kong, and I doubt it’s in China either. Because of the one-child policy, most people only have one child. So if you have a daughter what do you do? For the small percentage of people who have 2+ kids I seldom hear stories where the girls got nothing and sons everything.

More common it’s divided up along the line of who takes care of the family financially. So if one kid pays for parents’ care and mortgage etc she will get the lion’s share.


Fearless Leader,

What are you talking about? Perhaps the younger generations like millennials might it not apply but for us folks in our 50s or so, this is common. Remember the Sunset home my sis in law’s family sold recently? The boys got a higher percentage than the girls. That, was in the will. Yes, old school thinking but to say it is not being practiced anymore is incorrect…


I am not saying it’s 0%. I am just saying it’s not prevalent. Now we are all colored by our own experiences, so maybe in your circle all your friends and family stick to the old tradition. But at least in Hong Kong, it’s not common to leave all the inheritance to sons and nothing to daughters.

Maybe SF Chinatown is just more old school than Hong Kong. From the look of it it certainly seems so.


You got it right. That’s what my son said he heard. The lecturer made it very clear right on the first day, you either have the passion (aka work very hard) or the talent (can learn very fast), otherwise you should drop the class. Over 70 students withdrew and replaced with those in waiting list (guess many regretted).

Actually 50% is a F grade. The C grade should be 73%. So the lecturer had passed more students than the actual marks. If he sticks to the correct %, only those getting A/B i.e. 45 out of 382 passed :slight_smile:


Agreed, yes, SF Chinatown still probably has some remnants from Canton of course and yes, wills/trusts were written eons ago based on the thoughts/beliefs of the folks back then. Hey, honestly, my Mom treats us boys differently but I insist that she don’t do that. I love my sisters to death equally and would never take more than my share. I like money like everyone else but I won’t kill for it…


You are the one who used the word “lazy” and put everything into a negative spin. My original wording was positive!

You are just trying to play the words to find fault with everything I said while you know full well that they all all true and correct, and that your statements are full of contradiction and make no sense at all. Let’s just leave it at that.


Whatever… Sure we will have to agree to disagree again.


Guys, forget about it. Let’s see how you guys really behave when your sons and daughters get hitched. Traditionally and old school Chinese way is groom side pays for the wedding right vs Western thinking of bride side paying.


Is that true? Have to encourage my sons to woo Westernized women.


Don’t worry…the groom will pay and pay and pay later…:grinning:


Haha. That is pretty old school for the bride side to pay. My husband’s parents actually gave us more than mine by a little bit. My husband and I paid the largest portion though. We were older and both working decent jobs.


Same here, we ended up paying most of it. I made it a point of having both Chinese and Western influences at our wedding weekend. Friday night was a chinese banquet for the wedding party and all of the relatives coming in from NY and elsewhere and then Saturday the wedding was Western, had it at the St Francis Yacht Club out there on Chrissy Field. We even did a tea ceremony at the Yacht Club. Hey, needed every dime we could get…


Wait… so you are a woman?


All I know is that Chinese people expect the man to pay for everything. A lot more so than Americans.

You might run across a few Chinese who prefer to split everything down the middle. But it’s not common.

Also, most Chinese men have no problem marrying a woman who are financially inferior, but for a Chinese woman to marry a financially inferior man would require a lot of deep thoughts.


Lol, did you think a man would find your comment so offensive?