Schools in SF?




Maybe she’s the Clinton here. You two can have a good fight :grin:


Perhaps I wouldn’t word it so rough but the ingredients of what you are saying def have merit for me. My wife point blank told me if I were poor and did not have house/career she probably wouldn’t have ended up marrying me. She was older too and didn’t want to waste her time.
Hey, truth hurts or helps I say. I don’t like hiding behind bushes. Be square with me, let me deal with it…or not.


Not all women should find my comment offensive! Only those who think they actually have a career and are better than the “trophy wives”.


Well you will lose a lot of women votes. How much did Trump lose in women?

This forum has a political correctness war now, let’s see whether our Clinton or trump would win


What I don’t understand is people keep calling trump a misogynist yet he’s got tons of women supporter. Probably all of them are housewives and not some career minded and “independent” woman like @MM_HH.


Well trump supporters are not expected to be elites


Not so. Peter Thiel supported him.


Again, I voted for Hillary and look what I got for it…

Please refer to my “Embarrassing Ladies” thread…


Maybe Thiel has been disqualified off elite status after that. Did you hear about him again?


Huh. I’m not a housewife.


You are the exception to the rule :slight_smile:


What are you talking about? of course he is still elite. So long as he’s a billionaire.


Regardless whether it’s offensive or not, saying women can forego education just because they are pretty is bad advice all around. Men like pretty women. We all got that. But I for one don’t like empty headed bimbos. At the end of the day she is equal partner to the family, and you want a certain amount of knowledge and intelligence she brings into the partnership.


It’s your job to make positive change to your party and to your city. Your city is ruled by Dems 90-10.

Focus on your city and change your city. Washington is too far from you


Well, if you are pretty and have the brains, power to you!

If you are pretty and don’t have the brains, you know what you can do :slight_smile:

If you have the brains but are not pretty, you also know what you can do :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are not pretty and don’t have the brains… well, men have very different tastes and I’m sure it will still work! :grin:


This is quite sad…
Instead of trying to understand why some group of people feel offended by your comment, now you accuse those people arrogant.

I have my own career but never thought that I was better than anyone and as a matter of fact, I do respect those who decided to give up their career to support their family regardless of man and woman.

I myself tried that route when my first child was born and found it extremely challenging because I felt like myself was disappearing.

Honestly, if I had decided to stay at home supporting my family and saw your comment today, I would be deeply hurt by such comment.


When you talk, you are talking to others. A major purpose of your talking is to please others, making others happy, not making other feel offended or bad, or at least showing respect to others.

Talking is not about truth. Truth could be hurting and the truth could get you into trouble.

Sometimes a liar is better than an honest man. A liar who talks sweet is def more popular than an honest man who talks only truth and never please others


Hi Hi


What you guys see as the “truth” is an elementary viewpoint. Women are either career women or trophy wives living off their husbands. There is a lot of in between and a number of family situations that don’t fit either of these stereotypes.