Secular inflation is here

…energy independence, unemployment at a 50 year low and the lowest in history for minorities, a half way secure border, trade deals where the USA didn’t get the feces covered end of the stick, “allies” that had to pony up some of their own money for their own protection,
respect for civil liberties, respect for personal choice, a military focused on protecting the country instead of being woke…
Hard to believe any administration could turn the place into such a dumpster fire in less than two years. We now have child tax credits so high dropping out of high school and making babies pays better than a college degree that’s not a STEM degree.

  1. Railroads

the Biden Administration has picked a series of scapegoats to deflect responsibility. Its latest target is railroads, and its regulatory salvo could scramble logistics while doing little to ease prices.


Here’s a rare anti-inflationary trend with many other benefits - even reducing illegal immigration and replacing it with solid middle class jobs for Americans. Any good investment opportunities?

The union movement is going to lock-in the inflation from higher wages. It’ll also reduce flexility to respond to economic changes. We’re going to see accelerated adoption of automation on the restaurant and retail sectors. People only think about the union in the short-term. Japan has some of the best labor protections in the world. How has it helped them?

6. Corporate taxes

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Price in Costco seems to have gone up from $48 to $52 in 2/3 weeks.

Saving America :us:

Buy guns bullets and booze.

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Some inflation specials for you @Elt1 . I know you like your ground beef cheap.

Look at those Brentwood corn for only 15 cents each!