Some Real Estate Investing Advice


Based on this, I see had I got the home at $475k level (or whoever got it), they cap rate is 4.15% (like dividend) and appreciation is 4.85%, both together comes to 9% return on investment.



For fortress where the main cost is land, is perfectly ok because the cost of the structure is much less than the cost of the land, and the cost of the appliances is much less than the cost of the structure. Bought twice and overpaid in South Bay with zero contingencies. Is a norm in South Bay that seller conducted an inspection and put up disclosures online. Is not like Texas where seller tells you very little and you have to do your own inspection and whatever due diligence necessary, so always buy with contingencies in Texas.


Not seeing all 47 tips, but here’s 5 for ya…


He is weak in Math, does not know how to count ! :joy:


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After you saw the first 5, no need to see the remainder… :wink:



Yes, it works and works well… :wink:





The 1% rule is fantasy, especially in the BA


1% rule in SFBA means 1% yield, gross annual rent over purchase price😀


Flipping is good…But in this market why sell?
Just buy, rent out and let the market add value. .Don’t need to bother with sweat equity…


Where do people obtain money for purchases? Flipping allows them to earn cash to invest. :wink:


Go to Keirtsu, start a fund…


That’s assuming you can convince people to give you money… it’s a whole different job unto itself… :rofl:


Money follows good ideas. .Lock in great deals and money will follow…But of course you have to establish relationships first…


So far I have 2 investors who gave me money to invest. And one of them is a family member. Not easy by any means. And you always have to be accountable with their money. It’s like reporting to a boss all over again… :rofl: Much easier to invest with your own money… more freedom and no need to be accountable.