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What is Xero?


It’s a cloud based platform that offers payroll services, management reporting, and other administrative help to small businesses. Sarah tried to repackage it to make it sound cool, sexy, and new in the interview (she mentioned the word archaic and she probably wants you to think ADP) when in fact it’s not. It’s true that SQ might have an advantage selling the whole POS and payroll ecosystem in a one stop shop, but take what she said with a grain of salt.


Square already owns many small biz’ cashflow. It’s in a unique position to use that leverage to own more and more of a business’ back office op. It makes sense for small biz to use Square’s payroll service, which can in turn deposit into employees’ Square cash app as Sarah mentioned. What if you don’t have enough cash to meet payroll? Fear not as Square also can give you a loan. They know how much revenue a business is bringing in so can streamline the whole application process.

I did not know Square is also in the API business like Stripe. Looks to me Square is the fintech company to beat.


Also Xero looks and sounds like Zero. Bad omen. :scream:


But Paypal is doing the same thing, in fact, they are even on the consumer side as well (Venmo). I don’t have Venmo by the way :slight_smile:


We don’t who is the CEO Paypal but we know Jack :grinning:


Jack keeps selling his SQ shares. Don’t sell TWTR :smile:


Paypal is weak in brick and mortar. In fact I avoid it like a plague as it’s the most unfriendly piece of garbage there ever was. Anyone actually used Paypal in the last 12 months?

OTOH Square is unavoidable if you buy anything in an actual store in SF for example.

Square cash app is ranked higher than Venmo in apple app store.


Me :smile:




OMG, if you buy stuff on eBay Paypal is the best! Whatever I sell and earn in Paypal money, I can use to buy new stuff. Remember, it is not how much one makes, it is how much one keeps…


Used both SQ and PYPL. Can’t avoid them. Of course, also Apple Pay, credit cards and cash.


SQ plunging towards $60 fast.


Holy crap. Oh well, better luck next time. At least my Tsla gambit worked out short term… :expressionless:


Maybe the fintech king will be a familiar name after all.

Amazing Amazon

Why is AMZN always tailgating Apple? Fire phone, healthcare, now mobile payments. After listening to the talk noble act evil so many times, I realize I can’t take his words literally. Intuition means … we know what it means. Now it dawn on me, focus on customers mean enslave the customers. No thanks, Bezos. Having said that quite often it is worth while to buy durable supplies and tools from AMZN :grinning:


I don’t see why retailers would want this. It’s handing the enemy access to tons of data.


Amazon can bundle this with the cashier-less checkout system and sells or leases it to retailers. I can see Walmart or target putting up a fight. But smaller retailers don’t have a choice. They don’t have the R&D budget to fight amazon.