Square, Inc



How come CFOs playing musical chairs? No companies game enough to promote from within?
Unknown-1 is definitely hotter than Unknown


A Tech Firm Far From Silicon Valley Churns Out Billionaires



Square’s peer-to-peer Cash App has a breakout quarter, with more than 15 million monthly active customers in December 2018, doubling from a year earlier.

Who is using the Cash App? I don’t know anyone using it… we just Venmo.


Jack looks like an evil :imp: lord. Almost every companies forecast lower guidance for next quarter, yet some rally some decline.


One weak guidance after another. Sounds like my gym was spot on.


Square is back!


Sorry, not interested in buying a stock with a CEO that look like a villain.


Did you sell your 400 shares of SQ? Are you still holding on to it?


Can’t remember what I bought. Sold long ago.


Back in red?



When has @hanera become a grave dancer?


SQ was $9 when I paid attention last time. Why is nobody promoting it in 2016?

Who has built a big position in SQ in 2016? You can easily beat @manch without margin use.

SQ has outperformed housing market in the last 3 years.

Sadly SQ co-founder died today due to addiction. Life is more important than money


Square has best designed shareholder letter of any company I have read.

After listening to their earnings call I don’t see anything wrong with the business. They are building an entire ecosystem for small business. I like it. Will buy some next Monday.


How are you so bullish on square but so bearish on shop?


Because he thinks SQ will kill SHOP.


SQ does have e-commerce capability but that’s not the main reason.

Online is concentrated in a few players like amazon and Walmart but offline is very fragmented. How often did anyone buy from an online shop powered by Shopify in all of 2018? And how much did you spend there compared to the big sites like amazon?


Real physical world becomes offline?


Online vs offline, both are real and physical.


Not sure if it’s still current but I read somewhere that TSLA uses SHOP. If they are closing their retail stores and moving sales online the amount spent on SHOP will jump.


Why would they spend more on Shopify? It’s a revenue share model?