Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Good time to buy with all these doom and gloom stories. Buy when there’s blood on the street NOT when things are fine and dandy like Mr. “FOMO” @manch trying to get a piece of action out of the bitcoin hyped NVDA… :rofl:


That reminds me, time to buy another batch of NVDA. Bitcoin is sideshow for Nvidia. AI is the real deal.

I still don’t understand Tesla. Maybe one day I will and I will buy then. As of today, still “No”.


Again, AI is before our time. Anyone trying to invest in AI right now is premature unless you have Musk or Zuckerburg like vision. However, EV is the present and the now… very good time to invest.


Any company working on anything bitcoin related is a big red flag… avoid them like the plague…


Someone did their research on that. I love when an article has that much data instead of a bunch of opinions.


Yes guys, stop talking. You need data to make an opinion here.
So, shut up! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::scream:


GM Bolt is the way to go. GM beats Tesla soon.

TESLA+Musk is getting the same situation like YHOO+Young !


Andreas Hopf usually doesn’t author many SA articles. But when he does they are extremely useful.


You miss the message. Debate of opinions is good. Thinking that your opinion is the only correct one is no good :roll_eyes: My England is not good. Is that called bigotry?


GM Bolt == East Palo Alto.

Same crap as Nissan Leaf.

Honestly you think these 2 clowns of EVs can stand a chance against Tesla???

Goodbye see you later… :rofl:


Speaking of the devil, I got a recruiting email from a cryptocurrency related company today :roll_eyes:


That would be putting your career at great risk… think long and hard!!!


That or you hit it big and become a full-time investor.


Um… Mark Cuban??? Yes he is one of those few fortunate clueless ones… :rofl:


I stood 4 hours to register, waited for more than 1 year to come, but no site of Model 3
Now bought GM Bolt. Same is the case for many registered.

I even made good amount of money using TSLA stocks.

Where is Model 3 ?

Some day, he will make the cars, but to Whom Elon will sell?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush !


Then why didn’t you go buy a model S instead? It’s ready and available. The fact that you made money off of the stock but now trashing the company also doesn’t sound very appealing to your karma… so beware… :wink:


Car - depreciating asset - I do not prefer to pay high cost, IMO, not worth.

Home - appreciating asset - I do not mind paying extra premium, if need be !


Do you have kids? They are not even an asset but a liability. So why you have them?

Car is not an asset but a utility. Like food and clothing. You buy a nice car the same reason why you would rather go eat at a good restaurant than getting it done at Taco Bell.


Just pay enough for the utility and its value, do not pay for HYPE (Model S and X). Elon is like Trump, he over promises and trying to meet his promise, that is all model 3.


Ok well good luck dining at Taco Bell… your body will appreciate the junk I’m sure… :rofl: