Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Best time to buy Tesla now. Buy when there’s a sea of doubters not when everybody is bathing in euphoria…

Good buys: Tesla, Twtr
Bad buys: Amzn, Nvda


The only car firms with high PE are all Chinese. I can see BYD or Geely buy Tesla. But first Tesla stock price has to dive. It’s still too expensive.


Do you want to run into a burning theatre where everybody is running away?


Yes, run into that theater and put out that fire… that’s how heroes are made… :rofl:


Can you tell us your real name so we know it was you when that happens? :joy::joy::joy:


Having good deeds done anonymously is the most admired type of altruism… :rofl:


OMG ! What a nice suggestion !! :rofl:


That assumes you’re achieving the revenue growth. There’s not going to be revenue growth if they can’t make the car. That’s like investing in Amazon if it couldn’t deliver packages to people.


OK Trum…wait! wuwijun…:rofl:


Really??? :rofl:


I plead the 5th. :rofl:


Whether Elon signs such contract with Model 3? :rofl:

“Tesla teamed up with a French renewable energy firm and the local government to install the battery, which Musk promised to deliver within 100 days of signing a contract – or it would be free.

If such contract is signed for my Model 3, I would be really happy to drive Two Model 3 by now !


Everything in investment requires patience :wink:


How long? I may not be able to wait :rage:


Why? You waited 20 years for Apple already. Still have not cashed out… so I will wait another 20 years before cashing out on anything… :laughing:


Time to buy? What do you think?


Absolutely… didn’t Elon say he wasn’t going to get paid a single penny unless TSLA market cap increases 10x in the next 10 years? Here’s your chance!!!


Maybe they should have done gas cars, since you don’t need to build battery packs for them. Gas tank manufacturing is actually pretty simple. Most cars have a plastic tank that’s blow-molded. Even steel tanks are just a top and bottom stamping welded together by robots.


I think in order to reach the $650 billion goal, they will need to diversify way beyond just building cars. Tesla will have to revolutionize the entire transportation industry with rockets and those hyperloop trains.


Tesla is making electric scooters soon?

Electric Scooters Will Revolutionize Public Transport