Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?


I will bet a dragon beaux dim sum lunch with anyone crazy enough to think Tesla will reach 650B market cap in 5 years.

It. Won’t. Happen.


fake dim sum?


Fancy dim sum @harriet recommended.


10 years … I thought?
But anyways, 10 years 650 B also sounds sounds like a dream…


Current market cap is $57B.
5 years to $650B? approxly 11.5x!
Any megacaps manage to do that?
AMZN moves from $260 to $1378, about 5.3x over 5 years.
Hey, be sincere with your bet. A fair bet is one where outcome should be possible.


How about 10 years, same term as musk? Hopefully we will still be around.


While computing the odds, I realize is a stinky bet.
You can hedge by buying 1 TSLA. If it does appreciate more than 11.5x, you can well afford a dim sum lunch.
However the counter party can’t hedge!


Unlike an internet based business, this business(EV) requires lot of capital investment which requires lots of both time and money (especially for a new company).


I can promise the better I won’t buy any Tesla stocks. :wink:

I have been wrong about Tesla so far. Maybe it can indeed go 10x? I can’t see how but who cares what I think anyway. Market does what market does.


Come on Yoda! You need to get out of your fortress once in a while and eat some real dim sum.




I want one


I hear he’s back with Amber Heard. Losing patience with Musk and Tesla. Too much of a celebrity type. Thinking about dumping Tesla.


Losing patience is always a bad omen as an investor.


I’m normally a buy and hold long term type, but Tesla is beginning to give me doubts. I can sell now and always buy again. There are better returns elsewhere.


What price did you buy it at?


$241 - it’s my laggard.


I bought it at $35 - It’s my winner.


GM’s PE is less than 6, with 3.7% yield. It’s doing well in EV and actually leads in autonomous vehicles. They are also trying to pull off a robotaxi fleet ala Uber of the future.

I am thinking of buying GM instead of Tesla. Its CEO is a woman. 10x better than a parttime playboy.


Tesla sent another notice that our 2 model 3 delivery will further be delay ( and did not say when). By around June, if there is no model 3, I will buy another bolt as my leaf lease ends.

When I resume buying stock, I would definitely choose GM.