Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Plus, Elon is an asshole. @harriet’s instinct is right.


I actually decided to purchase Tesla in 2012 after finish reading that piece of article. Thank you, Justine! I was able to laugh all the way to the bank not only because of Elon, but you as well! :wink:


I think you laugh a little too much…


Laughing too much is better than the resentment envy jealousy which seemed to engulf some people every time they talk about Tesla on this forum… :rofl:


manch quoted an old story?


Has Elon changed? I bet not. Still an asshole I say.


@wuqijun had made the right call. CEOs are more likely to be psychopathic according to this article:

Translate to positive language: they are able to make tough decisions, never give up, have the ability to rally a troop, and they make rational decisions.

Aren’t these traits good to maximize the shareholders’ interest? You don’t have to befriend them. You just need them to give you a nice investment return.


Pushed to extremes you have the (former) Uber guy.




Why didn’t Europe go hybrid. Never have seen a Prius there. Diesel cars are ubiquitous…and were a big lie…


I heard something about cold in nordic countries & electric cars not playing nice.


My Prius worked fine in Tahoe. Just wish the Japanese would send their Awd version here.




Tesla already exceeded, that is what my Tesla empl/friend told me, the 250 limits and no model 3 owner is likely to get any tax credit.


And the stock didn’t drop like a rock. Which means the tax credit is immaterial to company performance.


Who needs a tesla, when you have a honda.


Tesla stock drops as Elon Musk gives bizarre earnings call - CNBC


Tesla bombed. Anyone buying?


Yeah, worrying about cash flow and profits is boring. No CEO should ever say that. If he really thinks that, then he should be head of product design not CEO.


The guy is unstable…Belongs in Trumps cabinet…