Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Already bought at $35. Not buying at this stage and price. However, holding for long term.


Bombed 4%? That takes like coupe days ago. Nbd.



That bonehead answer cost Musky a ton of money.
5.5% loss today. $2.6b in market cap loss.




Wow what an a-hole. 5.5% drop is not enough.


He lost personally $300m for his flippant comments… doesn’t seem to care about making money just fame.



At this point, doesn’t Tesla have to go zero for them to make money? The borrowing costs to be short are pretty high.


All these short sellers will get their lunch eaten sooner or later.


I want Tesla to succeed but Musky is sounding like Trump. Attack the news media when you want to hide the truth.


Short selling is a thankless job. Vast majority of people want stocks to go up, not down. Stocks have natural tendency to go up too.


It’s not a thankless job. It’s a dumbass job.


enron had natural tendency to go up, thanks to fraud :slight_smile:


Can we please stop using Enron as an example?


sure, but the point is occasionally things balloon. Short selling bring somewhat of a sanity to market, deflate some bubbles, if you will.

I only shorted one stock for <3K i think, so i don’t necessarily short anything, but i can see it being useful every now and then.


Yes agree it does help to balance things out but who wants to hold the short end of the stick. We already know stocks tend to go up in general. Because companies put out their best efforts to earn a profit. Many successful cases so why emphasize the worst scenario every time.


It’s like people still bring up the dot com. Come on now.


manch likes .net more.