Tesla Q2 Deliveries


There have been rumors of a mid engine corvette since the 90’s.


And I thought the model 3 rollout is too slow… :rofl:


Forget the mid engine…Go eletric…Electric is the perfect 3rd car for the consumer that has everything…I would buy one if I had a 3 car garage


You could be right. According to some studies (too lazy to do a web search to link those articles), stocks usually make a few spurts a year, you miss those, your return would be meagre. So it is better to just hold rather than try to time.

Meanwhile can’t believe my eyes, 5+% for a stock that don’t make money.


Just remember, GM also used to behave like how TSLA is behaving today, probably back in the 1950s maybe??? :rofl:


The 50’s were amazing for American car companies. Everyone else had their factories blown up during WW2. There was literally more demand than capacity. Every car built was guaranteed to be sold. That lasted for decades until enough capacity was built.


That is TSLA and its volatility! It is really like bitcoin, not NVDA :rofl:


So wrong!!! :rofl:


Just TIT for TAT ! NVDA <==>TSLA :rofl:

I always admire TSLA’s volatility.

For NVDA, I am able to predict, but TSLA it is too hard to predict, so much volatile !


The moment you are confident that you can predict is when your prediction could go wrong… :wink:


Having worked in the manufacturing industry, be aware of prototypes, newbies, etc.

One thing about Tesla is that it is in the beginning of what could be a long trajectory to reach the good car. Right now is all about a name and the new thing.

There are other cars in the industry, and they have gone through many updates, changes and whatnot.


The X is a bust… doors jamb often … too small to be a SUV

Here is a rich mans electric toy


Very nice! No more oil spills!!! We are one tiny step further towards saving our environment :wink:


Using past experience to judge future is a no-no. TSLA is Elon Musk. Believing in TSLA is believing in Elon The Magician. No need to care about the fundamentals, the business and the product.


The religion of Musk smells musky to me…


There is solid evidence that his magic is working. Invest away!!!


The new Huntsville TOYOTA plant will produce 3 times as many cars as a Tesla did last year


Then why don’t you go buy some Toyota stock?


I buy their cars. I don’t buy car company stock


I buy company stock. I don’t buy cars… :rofl: