Tesla Q2 Deliveries


Musk is having too much fun. Having a trophy gf is not enough for ya?


Didn’t @wuqijun say he’d sell if that happened?


I forgive him… the guy has too much testosterone need to be released. It’s a good thing! :rofl:


Uh oh, no home run…maybe a double at best???


I thought you would dump his stock if he wasn’t spending 24/7 making you money.


So you don’t think a woman can be a good leader, since women have 1/10th the testosterone of men?


You don’t make it in SV until someone invites you to a sex party.


Not at all… women can also count on their estrogen… :smile:


Wrong. I bet Mr. Thiel and Mr. Cook never got invited to one of those… :rofl:


It’s California… the home of sex n drugs n rock roll. Of course Musk indulges…


He said he talked about building companies there and didn’t engage in sex. What’s wrong with you people… always having a dirty mind. Disgusting! :rofl:


No one ever took estrogen to be better at anything.


It’s a natural source of wonders… you either have it or you don’t… :wink:


Incredibly favorable review on how well the Model 3 drives.

It’s one thing to discover driving joy in a sports car that was painstakingly engineered to tickle the pleasure neurons of autocrossers and track rats. Finding that in a family sedan—a car aimed at entry-luxury four-door buyers, the silver drones of white collar office parks worldwide—is an unexpected delight. A small handful of models in automotive history have offered such immediate, unfettered brightness to regular, non-gearhead drivers. Think of Sir Alec Issigonis’s riotously tossable Mini, BMW’s revelatory 2002. The Model 3 shares something with those legends: It sneaks engaging, emotive driving into the hands of buyers who weren’t even looking for it.



In fairness R&T or Car/Driver are rags for car fanboys/girls. The review I posted from CNN is from a more “neutral” position (I would argue) and the car was deemed just ok. Let’s see what the masses say, as that is ultimately what will drive the sales of this car. I certainly hope the masses like it since heck I own in Fremont too and I want that Nummi plant humming along for the rest of my lifetime at least…


@sfdragonboy, I just bought a car to replace my old car which was totaled. Guess the make and model of my new car :wink:


So what was the main negatives of the car from the CNN review?


Hey @wuqijun , just got back from poker (won a lil for lunch…) and checking in while having a snack since wide awake at 2 in the morn…

Hmm, I have to assume you got finally your Model 3???


Well, the author is hinting that it is not comparatively worth $56K or at least the model version he drove. In addition, I guess he found the controls or screen positioning inadequate or distracting. Suspension may be slightly too harsh and not supple enough. Is that enough?