Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

I thought I read somewhere that Musk said Tesla is worth nothing if without FSD.


Sour grapes. Told you about Austin in 2017.

The future of cars is with FSD. Nobody will want to buy a dumb car that can’t drive itself. That being said, if any company were to solve FSD first, that would be Tesla.

The inverse is also true: if Tesla can’t solve FSD, nobody else can.


Thought nobody would buy a car when it can drive itself.

In this context, nobody refers to consumers :slight_smile:

That could also be true. Except the 1% who can afford to own their own self driving car as a luxury item.

You are a true fan-boy of Elon and Tesla.

Musk has lied about FSD for so long that most people like me don’t believe in it. Maybe he should buy an island and try them out.

He should build a Utopian village where everyone has fsds and all worship him like a god. His believers think of him as a god. The rest of us wish he would shut up with his god awful predictions.

We will not see widespread use of fsd in my lifetime. Nobody will bet on it anymore. They already stopped believing the lie that Uber would have fsd.

There is a much greater chance that the threat of war with Russia or China will supersede the threat of global warming as our biggest national concern. Then we will become energy independent and the fascination with EVs will go away.

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I’m pragmatic. I am a fanboy so long as the investment pays off. And it is paying off big time :rofl:

“The overwhelming focus is solving self-driving, that’s essential,” Musk said. “That’s really the difference between Tesla being worth a lot of money and being worth basically zero.”

$740B market is “basically zero”. So “worth a lot money” is multiples of $T market cap?

Because we are old :slight_smile: There are many operational limitations of FSD.

My neighbor just bought a Rivian. He is supposedly a billionaire millienal techy. I guess he thinks it’s a status symbol. Just looks like another truck to me…. https://www.kbb.com/rivian/r1t/

This is a Tesla thread. Go to the Rivian thread to post your comment instead. Oh wait… where’s that thread? :thinking:

Rivian trucks are more common nowadays. I actually saw a Rivian SUV the other day in Sunnyvale. That’s much rarer.

Teslas are like taxis now. Can’t stand out driving a taxi. It’s the EV for the plebs. Rivian and even F150 Lightning is more of a status symbol.


The only comparison I can think of about this phenomenon is that of the gas-guzzling Hummer back in the days. That was a real status symbol back then. Maybe people were showing off that they had the money to buy fuel? :laughing: I wonder if anyone still think of it as a status symbol today? Those people buying non-Tesla EVs as status symbol are probably suffering from the same mindset…

In the meantime I’m gonna take a 1600 mile road trip in my Tesla soon. First time more than 650 mile trip in a day. Will report back how it went.


Don’t worry. Personally I think Rivian is crap. But it is unique for the look at me penis challenged wannabe.

rivian vs 150 fird towing challenge

So if you had to pick one…Rivian or F150 Lightning :sunglasses:?

I like old trucks. Not chickups with 4 doors. I should have kept my 1977 Chevy step side… probably worth 10x what I paid. My favorite was a 1953, built in the year I was born. Drove it in 1976. Not a practical daily drive today. The 1977 would still be . 17mpg comparable to today’s trucks.

Buy at $500 and sell at $3600 after 2-3 years is :+1:

Patiently waiting.

The unsaid implication is broad market would have one more decline and bottom in Dec/ Jan. So stock and housing market both bottom in Dec/ Jan :moneybag:

Mooning of TSLA last three years creates young millionaires who like to brag in the social media… it seems their NW have dropped from 8 figures in 2021 to 7 figures…