Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

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I do not own any TSLA stocks, but my 5th Electric CAR is now TSLA, took delivery yesterday 350 miles/charge range, not leased, but fully owned.


That’s insane. I pay this:



I see you are feeling rich.

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Even lower in Austin.


I used to pay 0.12 per KWH, now PG&E raised to 0.25 per KWH exactly like gas prices hike! Still it is cheaper! Mostly 3-4 days WFH but one day drive to work.

This is why solar is so popular in CA. At 56 cents/kW running the AC becomes cost prohibitive…meanwhile we just went through a heatwave where temps reached ≥110° on the Peninsula and even higher in the East Bay. PG&E should have been allowed to go bankrupt.

  1. What was your capital cost net after all rebates?
  2. How much do you pay on average now after solar?

Still waiting on my install so can only give predictions, not results. We needed to do a panel upgrade anyway, which would have been $7–8k on its. The solar installer is doing it for $4k… total cost is $21k before the rebate, ~$15k after. So if I subtract the $7–8k we would have paid for the panel upgrade on it’s own, the net cost of adding a 7.4 kW array is only ~$7.5k.


That and the grid went down multiple times for some people. Need solar + battery but only higher income people can afford it. The rest just suffer.

Even good parts of 3rd world countries don’t have grid going down anymore. California seems to be backpedalling.


Uber TSLA bull, Kevin, is selling out of TSLA. Reason for selling is irrelevant.

A Tesla executive says battery supply has improved so much that the company can buy all the cells it needs for the first time in years

** Electric-vehicle manufacturers have struggled for years to access enough batteries.*
** Elon Musk complained recently about lithium prices and supply.*
** The EV industry’s growth is closely tied to future battery supplies.*

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I knew it. He just can’t hold long term :rofl:

Wish him the best with his endeavors :rofl:

He used to be an uber AAPL bull. Sold out and into TSLA. Now sold out of TSLA and into his House Hack.

Just margin it

He boosted his net worth from $10M to $40M betting big into Tsla during the 2020 crisis. He sold all of his Tsla early this year but the bought them all back at a later time. But this time I believe he will sell them for good. He is not a long term investor like you and me but has more of a short term mindset.

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$40M? I get the impression he is left with $20s M.

No. His Tsla stock alone is worth $25M at current value.

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