Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Tesla Is Set to Hit Delivery Record in Rebound From Supply Strains

  • Automaker seen reporting 358,000 global deliveries in quarter

  • Total from prior period was down due to factory shutdowns



vs Boston Dynamics

Elon Musk tries to prop up the share price with the Optimus presentation. Didn’t work.

IMO, wrong idea, Musk does not prop up the price. It is the market valuation. Here are the details how market sees TSLA now.

This is written for visibility and calculations behind growth stocks. Today is a classic day that market (S&P) went up , but TSLA came down 8% (appx).

As per market, TSLA has to grow 51% income for next 5 years and is expecting similar growth quarterly.

Last year, same qtr they sold 241300 vehicles and market is expecting 364660, this reflects ( (364660-241300)*100/241300) = 51.12%. (expected)

But they delivered 343000, which is ( ( 343000 - 241300 ) * 100/241300 ) = 42.14% (achieved)

Now, marketing is adjusting the growth based on quarterly sales. Still market may adjust some upside/downside based on real quarterly income that will be declared during results period.

Since US/worldwide market is mega trillions, investors are very sensitive to the expectations/results, esp Revenue generation and ultimately income as all income belongs to share holders.


He always does. The presentation is before results. Companies always try this trick when results is going to be not good. Otherwise should be after results.

No sir, he is exactly doing like the way TC is doing, no gimmick.

Remember, he was begging every one at one time for $420/share price for privatization when he was about to file bankruptcy !

Musk is like SJ, a technocrat with big ambitions.

It is market valuation, you first read my justification how market sees and understand. If you do not understand the truth, you will not be able to take correct decision.

For companies, it is not hype (as it stays only few days), but market valuation broadly.


EM is putting up a show. If it is about to go bankrupt is not worthwhile $420 then. He knows is not going to be.

What you say is not inconsistent with what I say.

Without the propping, share price would go even lower.

Propping doesn’t mean push higher than last trading days, in case you interpreted as such. It means slow down the drop.

Still not understanding the truth. Musk is a temperament person like Trump, that is all. He was telling the truth, now controlled by SEC.

Correct. we are on the opposite side here.

I repeat knowing the truth is very important for any investment decision.

I will leave it to you. I stop here.

If you think Trump doesn’t lie, then EM doesn’t lie. :neutral_face:


Same argument goes to Tim Cook as well as Steve Jobs & Bill Gates etc. Elon musk does the same job of Tim Cook…or any other CEOs.

You still do not understand the difference between Fundamental changes vs Hypes.

IMO, if investor does not understand this basic criteria, it is hard forever as this world is changed completely with computers.

I do not want to endlessly go over and over. Let me stop here (second time).

Trump and Musk don’t lie. Biden is the liar.

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I thought Tesla only promised 40% growth in car sales. I don’t know where the 50% came from.

But anyway, car sales is not the reason why one should invest into Tesla. Today’s sellers missed the mark.




Putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say EM is hyping.

Yes, Market is seeing any company as investment perspective, but not for any other purpose. This is common for AAPL or TSLA or MSFT. If iPhone sales plummet or goes up, you will see similar changes.

The 51% percent was derived (at that time price) from last quarterly (Q2 2022) sales from the company guidance. TSLA made some lay offs, cost cutting that may potentially increase the income in quarterly report and market will adjust based on the final figures.

For individual stocks, it is fundamentals that drive the price.

Chicken genius is an über TSLA investor. He is realistic. Btw, it doesn’t mean I agree with his price target and assessment. What I meant he won’t interpret everything from EM as bullish and the truth nothing but the truth. That is, he is not a toxic bull like Ross Gerger. Chicken genius held a large quantity of TSLA shares, even though he thinks TSLA would decline sharply, he didn’t plan to sell because he believes strongly in TSLA long term. He says bearish stuffs, short where appropriate and doesn’t defend every bearish comments.

Ross Gerger is also an über TSLA investor. Idealistic.

Valuation is not solely fundamental driven per se. It is risk-adjusted by the expectation of hitting those fundamentals. A DCF way to compute valuation would be influenced by the “risk free” discount rate used.


What is the reason? My thinking is in the future, full of robots and powerful AI. TSLA is one of those company that would benefit a lot from this future. As for energy storage :-1: SpaceX :-1: Satellite comm - not sure.

Leo is a multi-billionaire, extremely uber bullish about TSLA, willing to catch the falling knives even though he thinks TSLA is in a downtrend now. Realistic, not blindly bullish.
Disclosure: Added some TSLA :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Holding still green.