Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Of course he won’t. Elon just wants, no he needs, to be the center of attention for everything. Remember how he’s going to make millions of ventilators for Covid? Nothing happened. Or he will make a submarine to save the boys trapped in a cave? Didn’t happen either.

He’s an attention whore.

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TESLA invincible (as of now) on quality!

I drove chevy bolt two times SJC to LA in the past. Friday, I took my Model 3 (75W model) to LA and returned Saturday, each way appx 350 miles drive.

Here is my experience: Tesla navigation gives all superchargers on the route and I booked one super charger 150 miles away every start of the journey. Superchargers on the highway are expensive at 45 cents/KW, while interior (deep city/towns) it may be 30 cents/KW.

I choose I-5 near by superchargers, each station may have 25 to 50 charging stations. The tesla chargers keep a charging station ready 20 to 15 minutes before arrival and charges from 40% to 90% level in just 30 minutes. Almost 50% to 75% stations are occupied every time.

I stopped each way two times for charging at Coalinga and Tejon (bakerfield) and total fuel costs was $77.50 for the whole 700 miles trip.

The Tesla speed and traction was nice and I used 75 mph to 100 mph on I-5, except LA as the traffic was very bad as usual.

The charging and driving was so smooth compared to chevy bolt trip (esp getting working chargers).

If Tesla comes with 500 miles/charge, they will come soon, it is a great boost to consumer to buy the car for long term usage.

Altogether, I had a excellent trip like ICE cars, but with better driving conditions like my old BMW M340 I series.

By this, I see TSLA won against all ICE cars for long term trips.


Long term trips through rural AZ and NM are impossible in any EV. The speeds and hills kill the range. A straight shot down the I5 would be easy though. Did you stop at the charging station at “cowschwitz?”
Aptera is the only EV anyone in my neck of the woods is excited about. 500 miles ranges are fine but not if the charging time goes up proportionally.

Street estimate was 432K. Tesla has an over capacity issue. Producing way more than sales.

Troy’s estimate of Tesla inventory increased from 13 days of supply to 16 days.

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FUD. Elon Musk, the genius, the champion of free speech, savior of the human species, said demand is overwhelming and sale is limited by production.

I am very curious to see the margin impact after the massive price cuts in December and January.

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Uber bull, Ross Gerber, is accepting reality, no longer in denial.

What he meant is sale of S and X is disappointing.
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.33.59 AM
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 12.04.52 PM

Dave Lee remains bullish.

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KoGuan continues to grumble.

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.38.11 AM

Ross feels TSLA should start marketing the cars… cheaper to spend on marketing than to reduce price.

Everybody knows Elon and Tesla already. Don’t see how marketing will help. Only thing that helps short term is further price cuts. Longer term they need to invest in making new models. M3 is now 6 years old. It looks the same as in 2017. Cars are fashion statements. Even Apple knows to change the look of iPhones every 2 years or so.

MY is 3 years old now and selling very well. But if it stays stale for another 3 years people won’t buy it anymore. There are already very capable competitors out there today, especially in China and Europe. 3 years later there will be a ton more.

Going after short sellers huh?

Another investment may started crashing to earth.

Won’t buy any EVs unless they stop recording and storing driving activities in the cloud.

I think you can disable quite a few of these.

But you’re right, customer should have full control.


Musk latest rant… . The biggest liar in history … I think he is selling the Brooklyn bridge included. BTW we have already wasted $4trillion on greenwashing… all totally wasted. Fossil fuels contribution has only been reduced 1%. Musk is fleecing America
Where is FSD, Robotaxis, solar, batteries, Cybertrucks, Semis… and all the other false promises. The guy is deranged. Obviously he has the pulse of Americans. After all we have elected two deranged Presidents in a row.


Tesla Slashes U.S. Vehicle Prices Again After Q1 Deliveries Miss


Yi Long Ma: That’s an annoying selling covered call vs buying put question. Learn your options.

The model S design is so old and stale. Have then even refreshed it at all except for battery pack and software changes? I don’t think they’ve changed the exterior or interior. Their R&D expenses will skyrocket if they have to refresh models every 5 years.

Interesting comment – the Model S and Model X have both been updated substantially since their introductions. The batteries, drive units, interiors, processors, cameras/‘self driving’ hardware, etc. etc. have all been changed, in many cases multiple times since they were launched. But the overall exterior design remains largely unchanged.

The mindset of traditional automakers has been that new ground up designs are necessary every 7–8 years to convince buyers to trade up to ‘new.’ Tesla feels this is a waste of resources and prefers to iteratively improve their existing products. It will be interesting to see whether their approach holds up.


The 3 and the Y pretty much destroyed the demand for the super expensive and more profitable older models. Seems silly to keep making the S and X… time for trucks and SUVs