The Fab 7x7


OMG, we are talking about attending basketball games Sir, not buying homes there. Although one can argue that area is gentrifying and perhaps later will be worth more…


Speaking of influential, old money, this is what I am talking about in a world class city. San Jose doesn’t have anything that comes close, please…


Gee, HQ is where??? Of course, my favorite, world class city!!!


Now that is what a world class city can do!!!


Now there’s a real solution. Train people for higher paying jobs rather than the normal solutions.


And to be fair, this is mostly window dressing to a certain extent right? It gives good press and makes employees feel great about their company. But, we know that discrimination especially age discrimination exists with a lot of these companies.


I think my fondness for SF can only be surpassed by you on this forum… :smile:


Honestly, it is a no brainer as to how great this city is. It has always been this great since the beginning. People came here in waves to make their fortunes. Some succeeded, some didn’t. Despite that, never have I indicated that the Fab 7x7 didn’t have warts. Do I not have a Def Of Idiots thread? Do I not refer to them as “urine scented escalators” at the Muni/BART stations? And don’t get me started about the homeless crisis despite the ton of money you and I spend on the problem. Yet, despite the warts, we are the Belle of the Ball, the most recognized and revered city around here. 2/1 fixer shacks in the fog go for over a million dollars and there were multiple interested buyers. Our food scene is equal or better than the vaulted Big Apple. I was just reminded that the upcoming Chinese New Year parade is regarded as one of the Top 10 best parades around. Airbnb, Uber are HQ’d here.

Tell me, it is accepted that the Warriors owners are probably the envy of the entire NBA League. Admittingly, they have a great thing going, with sold out crowds in Oakland and their franchise is what, worth 2-3 BILLION dollars and easily rising the charts? Fans all of the world follow them religiously. Yet, these smart businessmen are pulling up stakes and coming home to the Fab 7x7. Wow, does that make sense? Why do the 49ers still to this day refer to them as the San Francisco 49ers? Shouldn’t it be Santa Clara 49ers, or even better, the Silicon Valley 49ers? Now that would be cool, no? No, they want the name cache associated with Bagdad By The Bay. Plain and simple. The Super Bowl comes to Levi Stadium for the big 50th Bash and yet where is the official NFL party site? You got it, smack dab down by my office on the Embarcadero in the Fabulous 7x7. I suppose I should just keep quiet, since we all know when you are at the top everyone takes pop shots at you, trying to bring you down back to the masses. Happens with the Warriors. Happened with the New England Patriots. Happened with my UCLA Bruins when they were on their magic run with Coach John Wooden, the Wizard of Westwood. So, you say, sports are overrated. Fine, let’s talk politics and laws. Which city is recognized as being cutting edge and leading the way with single sex marriage? Same with the notion of banning environment harming plastic bags altogether? Probably not the first to do it, but again the world class name cache helped both of these ideas really take off. There is just so much legislation that comes out of SF City Hall that eventually smaller cities around the country and world follow because we have done the grunt work for them. We have vetted the issues fully to withstand challenge and so other cities copy us. And again, all this wonderful stuff is happening in a matter of 7 miles by 7 miles and doing it mostly on our own. World class city? Of course…


Yeah, I am worried about leaving the Fab 7x7 too…


Why are you using my quote to promote your site? So random.


Err aren’t you plotting to escape your fab 7x7 yourself? :thinking:


If you are at the top you don’t need to defend it with such a long post. And let’s face it, you will never keep quiet about your Fab 7x7 or chicken wings. It almost seems like you are writing a Bible to convince yourself…


Uh, I don’t need convincing, its you people who seem to be quite adept at breaking down complex subject matters but when 2+2 comes up you really want to say no it is not 4…

I suggest you go and hoard up some avocado toast because once Dropbox IPO hits soon each slice in the Fab 7x7 will be $30…


If Box is any indication of how Dropbox will fare I don’t think people interested in SF RE should be concerned. If you look at their S-1 their average strike prices are not that low.


Whatever, but there will still be some freshly minted millionaires who will want to spend some of that hard earned sweat and tears on some big boy/girl things like homes. Keep in mind we are talking multi millionaires so it is not like it is not plausible to want to spend a million or two on SF homes right?


Sure it’s a possibility, but they can also buy something elsewhere in the bay area. I know an ex-employee of Dropbox (he was pretty high up when he worked there and pretty sure he exercised all his vested options upon exit) who lives in the peninsula so I am sure he wouldn’t be buying in SF with the money.


Sure, but parts of me and my wifey are concerned that we may not like semi suburbia. Hence, just rent out the Sunset home when we move as a stopgap. If it is obvious that we like it outside SF from the get go, we sell the Sunset home within time to capture the 500K exclusion tax. We then enjoy the yard, the space, the weather while we can still move around and drive especially, but then we move onto the Fremont house and Chinatown projects and simply join you cats in sitting around all day and chatting about stock purchases instead…


Just like all of the other companies that IPO’d a fair percentage will buy in the Fab 7x7. Please, these are smart people who just became multi millionaires, so they aren’t gonna buy a home that is easy to their gold mine jobs and will hold its value if not appreciate too? A lot will, believe me…


You already know how I feel about San Francisco. Now add in the drug needles and human feces, which are a relatively recent phenomenon. How many multimillionaires are going to want to live there.


You do realize that neighborhoods like Sea Cliff, St. Francis Wood, Pac Heights, Glen Park, etc are clean right? Do you recall seeing any human feces and needles in our favorite private street tussle, Presidio Terrace???