The new SF Mayor


Time for you to sell. More high rise buildings would be built in SF making your houses worth less.


No worries. Plenty of opponents will slow the process.

Also Ed Lee built a lot of condos and the home price kept going up. There’s the demand side of the equation as well.

Moderates are good for economy and good for building homes for workers as well.


Ain’t worried one bit. Facts: the Fab 7x7 is a world class city that is receiving more rich people each day. Poor people have to or will want to leave. Construction costs are high. Labor costs are high. SFH owners like me are not going to sell or push for high rises in our precious neighborhoods. End result: NADA, except for some token affordable housing units that get built in the radioactive Bayview (who cares?). Pac Heights folks sleep very well at night…


I read an article this morning in the San Diego Union Tribune about people complaining about the top two primary system. They said they want the elections held like the method used in San Francisco.


Two words: Jean Quan


Not. More buildings means more values. These new buildings will cost at least $500/SF plus land. Will drive prices up, not down. Nobody can build cheap crap… Not allowed or feasible… Everyone wins with new construction. And there will be no high rises in the Sunset.


Is this Jane Kim? At botanical garden on Sunday and she was with some Asian guy. @BAGB needs to go out more.


Well, Hillary Ronen wants to jail landlord for 6 months. Kim is not the worst


If the city jails the landlords, who will maintain all the free housing?


I don’t think commies are capable of thinking two steps ahead. :smile:


SF will elect 4 new supervisors. Who will win those 4 seats in November?


What kind of city wastes $40k year on each homeless and jails the people that could provide housing? How about a subsidy of $40k for each unit built instead a $100k fee per unit.


Uh, that is no average asian guy…

Tell him to knock down rent control!!!:grinning:


If the city wants to regulate RE like a utility how about a guaranteed return like the PUC gives PGE?


He will never get laid again if he dared to rule against rent control. :smile:


Come on, Gordon, who wears the pants in the family???


You got him wrong. He doesn’t want to wear any pants!!


Jane, stop playing with THAT gavel…


You? :thinking:

Btw why did she dress like she was going to the funeral (and in flip flops)? Where was her usual red attire?


Jane didn’t look as hot in real life. And black skirt + flip flop ain’t not my style. :man_facepalming: