The new SF Mayor


Any landlord who votes for a “progressive “ is an idiot.
London is the only hope you have. Let’s hope she listens to Willie Brown


I agree. I also disturbingly see lots of signs on small businesses for Jane Kim. WTF. Get that commie outta here.


Rose Pak pushed Kim to the position so some of Pak’s people might still support Kim out of past relationship.


Yes, the concern is that lower income folks will vote for Jane “Karate” Kim…


Leno and Kim are on the same side. I think low income people may prefer Leno over Kim. Maybe Leno will eliminate Kim by pulling the low income votes.

Still London Breed is also a “progressive”, just a more moderate “progressive”. Breed can pull in a lot of low income votes as well. She’ll get black votes. If Asian community promotes her “progressive” side to low income folks in Chinatown, Breed may capture most of the Asian votes as well. White votes may also go to Breed. Mission votes is uncertain since Leno might have some remaining influence over there.

All in all, Breed has the best chance, but SF “progressives” sometimes deploy exotic tactics, you need to watch out and fight.


OMG! Kim is disliked by the west side SF where residents are concerned about “Property Rights”.

SF is concerned about Property Rights! I can’t believe this!

She’s “Too Liberal” to win. Guess she has no chance.

“Kim is viewed by some as too liberal to win that electorate. She lost the 2016 state Senate race against Scott Wiener in west side neighborhoods like the Sunset and Ingleside, where residents are concerned about car burglaries, small businesses and property rights. Few voters in those neighborhoods would be fired up by Kim’s rhetoric about stopping evictions or taxing corporations”


To be objective, concern for low income folks is one thing BUT to allow tenants to bring in more people NOT STIPULATED ON ORIG LEASE based on some crazy building max occupants chart is not cool. Ms. Kim must not get even close to the chair…


We can stop worrying about Kim then, she dug the grave for herself by extreme liberalism towards tenants. Anything extreme is not good!

This Leno guy seems to be disliked as well. He always talks about “tenant rights” and “new direction for SF”. But people actually love Ed Lee’s SF better than Leno’s.


Kim pandering to tenants is shameless. Tenants are the majority and will end up destroying SF


Which Mayor is going to get rid of the homeless and the thugs breaking into cars?
Which Mayor is going to represent the homerowners instead of the lawless?


Some SF Trump supporters



Let’s make Breed President and Trump Mayor of SF


That would benefit both :rofl:SF and USA


Interesting debate. Alioto so far seems much more reasonable -


Alioto will never win


It’s useful to have a moderate voice even if she doesn’t win. If Bush came to run for SF mayor and lost, his voice against rent control can still be valuable


Who inherited Rose Paks base?


No doubt and would be preferred, but like @Elt1 said, it will be a tough go for Angela this time around. Renters won’t vote for her and chances are the Chinese will go for either London or Kim depending how if they rent or own.


Ed Lee got unanimous support in Chinatown. Now it’s not clear. From a recent article, it seems that Rose Pak’s base will go for Breed this time.

Kim used to be Pak’s deciple and she got a bad reputation among Chinese voters. Kim is the least favorite candidate. Leno can grab some votes from her. Kim is a total nut, she went too extreme and evoked the strongest opposition from the west side and made herself tons of passionate enemy. I never see so many passionate Kim haters, Kim is hated much more than Trump there


Also I think Chinatown has lost its influence after Rose Pak passed away. Majority of the Asian voters live in the Sunset and Richmond, Chinatown population is small. West side will lead the Asian politics from now on. Wechat may have replaced the vacuum after Pak.

West Side is well educated, middle and upper middle class, mostly homeowners. Also SF’s tenant protection has already achieved perfection and nothing can be improved even slightly. Any further tightening of tenant protection will do no real help to tenants, but can evoke the volcanic eruption of the strongest opposition, anger and hatred from the west side. Kim has tried and has been burned.