The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


That’s funny you mention rumors. As soon as I read that, I almost wet my pants, I was at my kid’s graduation, otherwise I would of. No, I am not using depends as your precedent.

Back to rumors, what’s his name, the dumb press guy? Spicer? He said that whatever Twhitler says on Twitter, that’s the bible his supporters have to read. Whatever he says, that’s what he means, it’s true, don’t ask me he said. Really?

Now I am confused, really!

Do I believe the stupidity Twhitler writes on Twitter or what?

1- Obama bugged my phones, hahahahahaha

2- I sent a crew to Hawaii and they came up with so much good information on Obama. LOL LOL LOL

3- I have tapes of the conversation between me and Comey. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

4- I could list more, but that’s enough for now.

If these twits from him are rumors, as you told me, man! Are you telling me 60 million Americans are as dumb as a rock believing those twits from him on Twitter. :laughing::smile::joy:

Wait, do I need to count you in? :joy:

Keep playing Marcus, you are so funny! :kissing_heart:


Here, let’s see if you stop being obtuse, closed minded and respond to this. This is nothing about party, but about a country. We are getting into a dark era where there’s disregard for the constitution and whatever rules in congress exist.


If you’re going to rely on those “news” sources, then I’ll just post Breitbart articles as news. They are equally useless.

It must be great to be so brilliant you can easily tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth on Twitter. You should start your own website rating tweets as truthful or lie.


OK…just another fake news for you to enjoy :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Oh! Wait! He said it! :scream:


@buyinghouse What’s you objection to the statement? Clearly it made you so unhappy you had to post it. Why does it make you unhappy?


The liar in the white house can’t stop lying. Oh boy…

At a White House lunch with more than a dozen Republican senators, Mr. Trump alerted his guests that a bill passed by the House this spring — one he lauded last month in the Rose Garden as a “great plan” that was “very, very incredibly well-crafted” — was now “mean.”


No CBO, no oversight by any other party interested in the details of how they are crafting the death panel, I mean, the new Trumpcare?

Republican senators were already planning to make their bill more generous, at least relative to the House bill, known as the American Health Care Act. At the Capitol, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said Republicans were hard at work on their legislation, although he did not divulge any specifics about it.

“Our goal here is to move forward quickly,” he said. “The status quo is unsustainable.”

Ha ha ha ha

The idiots control the entire government and are calling it unsustainable? Their own stupidity?


Oh boy! We have a democrat president? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But with his description on Tuesday, Mr. Trump suddenly seemed in step with Democrats who were unable to stop the House bill.


What a democrat country! Isn’t it?


Why capitalism is needed in healthcare:

If there’s no profits, then there’s no investors. Without investors, new drugs aren’t developed. Without new drugs, more people suffer from illnesses and die.


Liar, liar, pants on fire!


Why don’t you explain how Trump is sabotaging it. Since you seem to ignore the 2016 and 2017 rate increases which were determined while Obama was in office.


Read, read, it will make you free!


I’d debunk every one of his claims, but I know you won’t read or understand it. You’ll just post a link to something else. You aren’t going to actually discuss any of the specific points. You’re just here to re-post stuff you see on facebook.


Look, look, look. It’s started. Trump deregulated banks.


Here’s some totally legit news.


Lookie here! If you don’t understand this, sorry Marcus, you need a new brain.


The US invents over 50% of new drugs:

How many new drugs and treatments would get created if US healthcare was non-profit? You can see by looking at other countries. The answer is a lot less. You better hope you don’t get an illness that doesn’t have a cure yet. If the US goes non-profit, the odds are there never will be a cure for it.

Also, I’ve done the math before. You can cover all the cost of insurance execs with just a few dollars a month of each insurance policy premium. You’d only save ~3% of healthcare costs by eliminating all executive pay. That’s the fact not some person’s opinion. The opinion is thrown out there to create an emotional reaction, and people attach to it and repeat it as if it’s fact. The problem is the actual data doesn’t support the opinion. It’s the equivalent of saying the earth is flat over and over.


More data on it. Non-profit universities only develop 24% (16% + 8%) of new drugs. The rest are developed by evil, for-profit companies.

“According to the study, pharmaceutical companies discovered 58% of new drugs, while biotechnology companies came up with 18%. Universities that transferred their discoveries first to biotech­nology companies got credit for 16% of the drugs, and universities that transferred their discover­ies first to pharmaceutical companies were responsible for 8% of the drugs.”


The topic is about what’s coming. Is this crappy AHCA better than Obamacare? No doubt it will be worse. I know the lying is involved here. Somebody in the white house said it would be better, cheaper and including pre-existing conditions and everybody would apply.

If it is not true, we should see the draft. The problem is that there’s none available to the public, CBO and the democratic and independent parties. A total disregard for democracy.

But they were good to complain when Obamacare, even though they were given a copy to review, there was ample time to do so, and they got some or their amendments accepted.