The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


No, this topic is about whatever circle you’re running in at the moment. You’ve posted that quote multiple times as if it’s unquestionable truth. I posted multiple sources of data that show without for-profit pharmaceutical companies we’d have far less drug development. I’ve also posted the data before that only 3% of insurance cost is executive pay. Yet, you keep posting that insurance is so expensive because of executive pay.

Now you’re running in a circle back to the proposed bill and how much worse it is than Obamacare. You’re talking about the pre-existing conditions part which actually isn’t true. I’ve posted the facts and debunked that.

It’s pretty funny to watch. Now I’m sure you’ll spin in another direction and re-post something you already posted.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…please, call the democrats, send a copy to the CBO, they want to see that bill, you must be working in closed doors in the senate.

Please! Hurry up!


Here Marcus, go ahead…


Exactly my point. You don’t address any of the facts, and you decide to cry about something else.


I am back from vacation! And look it here! What a mess!

Calling the republican idiots in congress supporting the present DEATH PANEL healthcare bill to explain me what happened? 150+ day of no obstruction from anybody…and “nada”?

What a bunch of losers!

They control the government and nothing, no plan? 8 years of crying and they had to hide in the dark, draft a chitty plan, no discussion on the subject, nobody else, except the 13 monkeys on the tree knew about it. This bill is as horrible as the face of some of them senators, like the beautiful McConnel, :laughing::laughing::laughing:

No kidding! I remember the liar in the white house saying something like this: it’s going to be so affordable, all people included, preexisting conditions stay, blah, blah, blah, better than Obamacare… AHCA?. Really?

Any of them available to tell me how good that bill is? Maybe one of the ignorant supporters can tell me because we out there don’t get it. Even the liar in the white house called it “mean”. WTF?

Anybody out there with brains willing to explain me? I mean somebody with knowledge, not a behind kisser deflecting the topic.

Staggering 70%+ increase on the premiums. Old people on the retirement club will be paying geesus! Thousands upon thousands for a crappy healthcare.

Hundreds of preexisting conditions will put deplorable people to spit blood and proudly, for being so smart they will yell “I am winning big time”! :smile:

There’s a mandate? Oh wow! 30% increase if you are out of a job and can’t find an immediate plan, I vomited when I read it, I forgot the details but this death panel healthcare program is crappy as hell!

Gopers are running scared, or leaving their constituents, some with newborn kids on their laps in heated rooms on purpose, so they can quit asking questions because the cowards can’t face their own people.

Is this the party that wants to destroy ISIS when they are so cowards they can’t face their own voters?



Here, a female, Shelley Moore Capito sent his goons to arrest peaceful protesters asking her to not vote on the death panel program. She decided to evict them from her office. Arresting a priest?

Hitler, where are thou?


The dummy in the white house doesn’t know what’s red, and what’s blue.

Trump seems unclear on difference between Medicare and Medicaid

Though Trump often portrays himself as all-seeing and all-knowing, there’s a lot of issues on which the president appears to be unclear. Take this week’s barrage of reports on several agenda items. Here, compiled in one place, are some of the concepts Trump is reportedly struggling to understand:

HEALTHCARE: Trump confused Medicaid and Medicare at times during his presidential campaign and had to be reminded of their functions, a former senior Trump aide told The Daily Beast Wednesday.

“There would be times when he would describe what was clearly Medicarebut say Medicaid, and when we pointed that out, he would say, ‘That’s what I said, Medicare and Medicaid,’” the source said.

The Beast also spoke with six of Trump’s close aides and advisers about Trump’s knowledge of healthcare. Some of those sources “simply laughed at the very suggestion that the president knows much, or even cares, about healthcare policy in this country.”

CONGRESS: Numerous times on the campaign trail, Trump said, “Nobody knows the system better than I do,” referring to the American political landscape. But Trump’s inexperience and lack of know-how in terms of dealing with Congress was one of the reasons cited by Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine as to why the healthcare bill was struggling to progress.

“It has been a challenge to him to learn how to interact with Congress and how to push his agenda forward,” Collins told reporters on Tuesday, according to CNN.

“This president is the first president in our history who has had neither political nor military experience,” Collins also pointed out.

COMMUNICATION: Trump has often said, “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.” But he apparently didn’t consider that issuing a warning against another government — especially one as volatile and relevant to American interests as Syria — should probably be accompanied by a discussion with the Pentagon.

Trump’s warning to Assad against using chemical weapons seemed to baffle many U.S. defense officials, some of whom who told the New York Times and BuzzFeed they weren’t aware of the potential chemical strike or what inspired Trump’s warning.


The republicans are a bunch of cowards and so are their followers.

Watch how they order police officers to arrest people in wheelchairs asking them not to cut their healthcare.


Any smart pants defending the liar in the white house?

Do it before he gets lost between the plane and his limousine. :laughing::innocent:


Can you believe the idiot republicans asked Hillary and all democrats for a solution to the healthcare program? Are they dumb enough or what?

I wonder, I ask myself how dumbfounded my country is now with these turds in charge.

Their twitter site is full of “buy me this, or buy this from us” profiting from ignorant people. Oh boy! The likeness of Jones infowars, buy me vitamins!


Let’s keep lying folks!


Republicans have a health plan for you. Let me know which one you choose, I can help you with the picking.


Apparently democrats are only generous when spending someone else’s money. Republicans are better tippers.


**What? Tips!

Oh, wow! Somebody is getting desperate waiting for his healthcare program.** :laughing:

Any idiot believing in that promise? Or, at least, understanding what the hell he tried to say?:joy:


I don’t need the government to protect me and take care of me. Anyone trusting the government to take care of them is planning on failure.


Good! When you’re old, don’t ask for your SS benefits, will ya?




I fully expect social security to be means tested before I retire. I doubt I’ll ever see a penny of it. Which is sad, since I’m one of the 10% that’ll actually pay in enough to cover my benefits.


Why so sad? You said it, you don’t need the government, rejoice!

“I don’t need the government to protect me and take care of me. Anyone trusting the government to take care of them is planning on failure.”