The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


It’s sad I’m paying taxes for a benefit I will never see. It’d be nice to have that money to invest myself for my retirement. II earn it, and it’s my money. .

That meme is so false it’s not even funny. I’m sure it makes you get all excited at thinking you found something. The fact is posting it just makes you look stupid.

Although maybe you’d prefer the government run healthcare system in the UK. The system that tells you that you have to let your baby die, and you can’t even pay out of your own pocket for an experimental treatment. You must prefer the government making that decision and not the family. Maybe that’s how people who know they shouldn’t be making decisions feel.


We’ll see who is the idiot.

A few days ago, I put the Terri Schiavo case for you to stop your stupidity on the subject but no word from it. You always jump to “well, if you want free this, and free that” it’s socialism, blah, blah, blah, when the damn topic is about the lies of your party promising a cheap, including everybody healthcare that actually, according to the CBO will destroy the lives of millions of Americans.

Who is stupid? Somebody who says I am not a republican but never criticizes his daddy Twhitler for nothing, absolutely nothing when even republicans do it? It must be nice for him to soil his underwear when he hears his name. Oh boy!

In the same topic of the Schiavos, you didn’t even comment on the fact that the republican morons were forcing an individual, Michael Schiavo to not follow with the last wishes of his wife Terri. They wanted an individual, brain dead for many years to be kept in that state of agony even against the specified wishes of the diseased to be let go from earth.
But you bring a case from the UK as the basis of anything bad to happen here in the US as if anything is already written?

See? If you were smart, which is not the case here, I would shut my mouth about that poor kid in the UK. It is about the government intervention, isn’t it? They are dictating, based on their own laws about the fate of this kid. And you, yes, you, write lots of bullshit about government intervention on this forum but you were so quiet about the Schiavos when I responded to you?
Yes, that’s a nice and intelligent response to our healthcare problem from you! Very intelligent, selling the hide before killing the beast.

Speaking of idiots:scream:

In 2003, after Michael Schiavo first won a court order allowing the termination of life support to his wife, Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush (brother of George W. Bush) and the Republican-controlled state legislature stepped in, passing and signing “Terri’s Law,” a bill that prohibited the termination of life support in her case only.

Who is the not so smart guy, to be nice, who said “you must prefer the government making that decision and not the family”?

I can hear his name…please remind me what’s his name please…:sweat_smile:


I didn’t comment because the two cases aren’t even close to equivalent.

  1. UK case - family vs. government and the family is told they can’t do what they want with their own baby
  2. US case - family vs family and the government stepped in to allow time for the family dispute to be settled in court

If the US government hadn’t stepped in, then Terri’s parents would have been denied their right to legal process. They were appealing the first ruling. She would have been dead before they got to argue their case in court.


If you knew about the rights of the husband, you wouldn’t be making stupid comments. Period.


At least you deviated from your normal of posting something unrelated. Now you resort to insults.


That meme is so false it’s not even funny. I’m sure it makes you get all excited at thinking you found something. The fact is posting it just makes you look stupid. <------:star_struck:


So, tell me mister smart pants…who has more rights over a spouse? The wife-husband or their families? Or the government?

I know you are implying the government since you brought up the government decision of fighting for Terri’s family, they decided to take away the rights of the husband. Nice!


It’s funny how you feel entitled to answers to your questions when you change the topic instead of answer questions.

If that’s your understanding of what I said, then there’s no point discussing the topic. You love to paraphrase and completely misrepresent what was said.

The funny thing is if you got your wish of government run healthcare, then they’d make the decisions about your family. You clearly think the government making the decisions over the spouse is bad, but you advocate for a system that’d do exactly what you don’t want.


From the government own words:

Tell us Marcus, what’s going to happen when this lady loses the Medicare coverage as prescribed on the new and horrible bill being worked out in secret? The one that said everybody would be included, all cheap, blah, blah, blah. All said by your dear Comrade kissing up to Putin boyfriend?


Also, see my point? You are one of the few, if not the only one crying about government intervention in our lives, but here, read yourself, you are accepting the fact that they have a right to intervene in private affairs where a wife told her husband she wanted to be gone if she became that sick. You advocate for the violation of somebody’s civil rights. You are allowing the government to make a decision for you? OK…:triumph::star_struck:

Oh, by the way, you are talking about a scenario that doesn’t exist. You are implying there’s a health care program in the US, same as in the UK. Really?


There’s the topic change.

Well, the tweet is about losing Medicaid coverage, but you’re talking about losing Medicare coverage. The two programs are different. Disabled people are covered by Medicare, so I’m guessing changes to Medicaid won’t impact the woman in a coma.

You should look into states that require able-bodied adults without kids to work, volunteer, or take training classes to receive medicaid and food stamps. Not surprisingly, the number of people applying for benefits drops significantly, and people aren’t starving in the streets.

I honestly don’t see your point, because that’s not my stance.

Um, it’s the scenario that you want to exist. It directly conflicts with you thinking the family should get to make care decisions. If you get the government run healthcare that you want, then you wont’ get to make decisions for your family. The government will make them for you. I guess you won’t see how your 2 ideas conflict with each other.


See above? Does it matter what you call…the semantics, or if I say Medicare when it said Medicaid? You are celebrating that somebody, who is not on Medicaid or Medicare will die when the sponsor or employer of this guy or the lady in the picture pulls the health benefits away because there won’t be no mandate and no right to work, all sponsored by republicans throughout the US. You think that people are not looking at what they are doing?
While you find the mistake I made by confusing both programs, you beautifully forgot that the guy is replying to KellyAnne Conway when she said “people who lose Medicaid coverage can get a job”. All the sudden you, without being a Medic, are putting this poor lady on Medicare. See how easy is to get mistaken?

This topic in deed, is about the falsehood given to the poor and ignorant believers on lies told by the now good for nothing but twitting at 3:00 AM liar in chief.

People, no matter what party are expecting that beautiful, cheap…well, look at the meme below with all the unreachable promises that liar made. It’s down there, nothing is fake, it’s what he promised and that’s a fact. That’s what people expected and are not expecting anymore. They are finding out that no republican with 2 balls is capable of facing their constituents mad at the fact that they were deceived.

Aren’t you going to say anything about it? You don’t care about people, and I see you don’t care about yourself either. We are different, I care about people while you care about words and numbers.

Oh, by the way, while you complain, call Reagan in hell. He taxed your social security benefits in the 80s. Ain’t that wonderful? Wait! How dare a republican raised any taxes on poor people?


How disruptive is to see this in this country. Wow!


Conway said people on Medicaid can get a job. Medicaid is for the poor who are able-bodied. It doesn’t cover people like the woman in the coma. Disabled people are covered by Medicare. Conway didn’t say people on Medicare can get a job. Saying that changing Medicaid would cause that woman to die is an outright lie. I really can’t explain it in any simpler terms

I realize that only 7% of the public buys their insurance through the exchange. We are having all of this argument over 7% of the population. Personally, I’d repeal Obamacare, allow insurers to compete across state lines, and make anyone without insurance eligible for Medicaid. It would be cheaper than creating all the government agencies and bureaucracy that ACA created.

Honestly, I would prefer if they’d privatized social security decades ago… Social security is the largest Ponzi scheme on earth. If any company tried to do the same, they’d be in jail.

If you expect me to feel sorry for the average person having to pay higher social security taxes, that won’t happen. 90% of people will receive more benefits than they paid on taxes. They are getting a bargain.


If you expect me to feel sorry for the average person having to pay higher social security taxes, that won’t happen. 90% of people will receive more benefits than they paid on taxes. They are getting a bargain.

Yeah, I got it, those crying over paying social security shouldn’t complain, they are getting a bargain, right?

[quote=“marcus335, post:358, topic:1822, full:true”]
I fully expect social security to be means tested before I retire. I doubt I’ll ever see a penny of it. Which is sad, since I’m one of the 10% that’ll actually pay in enough to cover my benefits.


Yes, these two are clearly 100% equal:

  1. Paying full price and receiving nothing.
  2. Paying a discounted price and complaining about getting a smaller discount.

Since I don’t care about opinions. Here’s some real data.

The two cases that represent median household income:

Once receives 136% more than paid, and the other receives 68% more than paid.


Yes, let’s have government run healthcare. Then we can have even more people scam the government for free opioids and create an even bigger drug problem in this country. I’m sure the Mexican drug cartels that supply Heroin to the US would love that.


Marcus, are you stupid, brain dead or both?

Your report says 300 healthcare providers are out for their behavior! Yes, the middleman I have been saying for long time they need to go!

Geesus! Am I talking to a kid?


Here, sometimes you’re wrong, sometimes you are very wrong!

The kid in England:

British judges are tasked to intervene when families and doctors disagree on the treatment of people unable to speak for themselves. The rights of the child take primacy, with the courts weighing issues such as whether a child is suffering and how much benefit a proposed treatment might produce.

“Unlike the USA, English law is focused on the protection of children’s rights,” said Jonathan Montgomery, professor of health care law at University College London. “The USA is the only country in the world that is not party to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child; it does not recognize that children have rights independent of their parents.”


So you spin in circles again.

You still think healthcare providers are middlemen. You think doctors and nurses are middlemen and need to go? How are you going to have healthcare without doctors? This has ZERO to do with insurance companies who you call the middlemen and are completely against. The doctors are using Medicare and Medicaid to defraud the government. You want to put everyone on government healthcare which would only increase the fraud and put more drugs on the streets.

I honestly can’t tell your point on the UK case. You flip-flop every time you post about it. I guess you really would prefer if the government made the healthcare choices for your family.