The Next Silicon Valley is China


He sold yesterday and bought back today :joy:


Time has changed :grinning: In any case, Jack Ma said that Chinese is as good as Americans in software, and advocates Chinese to compete with Americans in software. He implied Chinese need to change many behavior e.g. taste, before they can compete with Americans in hardware. So far it seems true.


America has enormous, and I will say insurmountable lead in semiconductors. Maybe China can catch up in the next cycle like quantum computing.

Another huge American lead is finance, in large part due to USD dominance. China has better chance here, but first it needs to open the fuck up more. So far Xi has not been very encouraging.


Forget about tailgating, should do an intuitive leap.


China’s internet giants think that bringing technology to the pigsty is the answer. Mr Ni says that farms like Weiyang are “setting the example”. It prides itself on rearing its hogs for 300 days in clean and wholesome conditions before they are sent to slaughter, twice as long as the typical life of a Chinese pig. This makes for tastier pork sausages and other pig products it sells online. NetEase is not alone in marrying tech and animal husbandry., an e-commerce firm that is an investor in Weiyang, raises and sells “jogging chickens” that each take 1m steps before the chop, making the meat more succulent than that of sedentary fowl. In June the cloud-computing arm of Alibaba, an internet company based in Hangzhou, unveiled an “agricultural brain” that helps farmers monitor pigs in real time through visual and “voice” recognition powered by artificial intelligence.

Alibaba’s programme, which is undergoing tests in Sichuan province, picks up the squeal of a crushed piglet or the bleat of a sick sow, and alerts the farmer. Cameras in the pens track daily activity and vital signs by way of numbers stamped on the animals’ backs. It uses this trove of data to draw up exercise regimes. It reckons that its system can increase to 32 the number of piglets per sow per year, a measure of efficiency in the pig business. That would double the output of many Chinese farms.

Man, I want to try some of those 1m-steps jogging chicken… :yum:


Who cares about protection against HIV? Why not edit genes for more useful traits like super smartness?


First successful story? I am aware of such gene- / DNA edition. Literally we are gods!!!


There’s nothing special about being a “god”. A “god” is merely a concept created by humans.


God means we can create new beings :slight_smile:



Jack Ma has said more than 20 years ago that China can’t compete with Americans in hardware, is why he decided to go into e-commerce and software. Software innovation is not dependent on years of costly experimentation, past know-how is not as crucial as human ingenuity. So I’m not surprised that China has surpassed USA in a few software areas. The issue is how do China catchup with USA in hardware especially in the chip and industrial design arena. There is no shortcut for experimentation, need some intuitive leaps… need to 破釜沉舟. China needs to re-learn taste of Song dynasty. Somehow is lost after centuries of poverty.


China missed the whole golden age of chip designs and manufacturing back in 80s and 90s. Back then lots of VC funded startups trying tons of different approaches. Now the battles have long been settled and no private money will be foolish enough to try fund another ARM or Intel.

China needs to use state capital to catch up, but US will not let her. It’s clear US wants to destroy Huawei and ZTE. BTW Huawei has its own CPU designs and use their own chips in cellphones, but that’s based on ARM. If ARM cancelled their license they will have nothing.

In short I don’t see how China can catch up on semiconductors in 10 years. Maybe 20 years? Moore’s law is close to being dead and China can just inch up closer and closer because the whole thing is not progressing much. China has already proven it can design chips, just can’t manufacture them.


Why can’t they research on a totally new architecture rather than use a Von Neumann design, get the f… brain working.

This is the right strategy. Other nations have no rights to interfere.

No shortcut, keep experimenting and learn.


Pretty level headed look at China’s challenges ahead:

Bloomberg Businssweek: China Built a Global Economy in 40 Years. Now It Has a New Plan

I really don’t understand Xi. I get the corruption crackdown. I get the deleveraging. But WTF is the increasingly tight control over private enterprises? That’s going back to Mao days. :-1:

“One of Xi’s overarching goals in terms of economic management is to effectively, if not formally, declare the end of the era of reform a la Deng Xiaoping,” said Arthur Kroeber, a founding partner and managing director at research firm Gavekal Dragonomics. Whereas Deng and subsequent leaders bolstered the role of private businesses in the economy and reduced that of the state, Xi seems to think the balance is now about right, Kroeber said.

China’s per-capita income is around 9K USD. It’s staring at the “middle income trap” in its face:

Only five industrial economies in East Asia have succeeded in escaping the trap since 1960, according to the World Bank. They are Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

To join them, Xi must oversee a transformation in China’s markets, injecting more competition in financial services, upgrading technology, and tightening corporate governance, while waging a trade war with a U.S. administration bent on containing the Asian nation’s rise. Xi’s challenge is compounded by an aging workforce, the mountain of corporate and local government debt, and an environmental clean-up that will take decades.

“No major economy that is not democratic has managed to surpass the middle income trap, so the odds are not in China’s favor even without the trade war,” said Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute at the University of London. “Abandoning the Dengist approach has raised alarm bells in the West, particularly in the U.S. This makes the task much more difficult.”

Time for Xi to read more Deng and stop his crazy Maoist BS.


DXP must be rolling in his grave.


I think Deng would’ve been very pleased with the progress. China has prospered to a point beyond his wildest dreams.


What is a middle income trap?


Think Mexico.


11 provinces have higher GDP per capita than national. How did inner Mongolia has higher GDP per capita than Guangdong? The first three are really cities, pretty sure shenzhen is comparable to those threes.



It’s not surprising. He’s a politician. In capitalism, business leaders become more powerful than politicians. He’s trying to hold onto power and prevent the business leaders from taking over. Also, as the middle class becomes successful they’ll realize they aren’t dependent on the government.

It’s the same reason democrats hate business leaders and advocate for bigger government to solve all problems. They believe the world would be better if the educated liberals made all the decisions. They believe businesses are inherently selfish, greedy, and evil. They want the government to be bigger and bigger to control more of our lives. I don’t get how someone can be anti-Xi but pro democrat. They are pretty similar in their goals.