The Next Silicon Valley is China


Lousy schools generally come from lousy parenting. The poor should be offered boarding schools where schools have total control and the parents can’t screw up the kids future.


Does not help. People are poor because they are not smart enough. Kids inherited dumb genes from dumb parents. They will also remain dumb and poor.


You’d also be assigned a job based on what the government decides. It’d pay equally with all other jobs. How appealing is that?

Communism always fails for the same reason. There’s always a percent of the population that can’t produce enough economic output to survive. Since everyone is being paid the same, those capable of producing far more don’t do it. They produce to the standard. That lost excess production eventually results in massive amounts of people starving. Society can’t survive without the over achievers being high producers. If there’s no reward, then high producers don’t exist.


Even dumb kids can be taught discipline self respect punctuality and a trade. Bad parents just create criminals and an underclass that will never contribute to society.


You can’t blame bad parents for creating criminals. Good parents has also created criminals. This can’t help.


I am talking about resource allocation problem of communism, or if you want, “state capitalism”, and how much of that may be solved with better technology like AI.


Communism might have a resource allocation problem, but not state capitalism. Because state capitalism is, after all, just another form of capitalism.

Also, state capitalism is not unique to China. This is a form of primitive capitalism popular in the West a century ago.



Chinese school uses facial recognition to make kids pay attention


next thing you know: government decides what you should do as your job.


Can someone decide for me what I should do. I don’t want to plan for my life anymore… :rofl:


Another installment of Connie Chan:


Me too. Hate to plan. Make decision is hard. Tell me what to do.


O2O? What happen to H2O?


O2O has always been Baidu’s strategy. Became a whipping child when the company overspent and over-invested into its premise.


O2O is old news. It’s now O2O2O.

Just read sonwwhwre BAT may change to ATM after Xiaomi IPO. No more Baidu. :smile:


You sure about that? :thinking:


He doesn’t like henpeckers’ advice though… :rofl:


Quora: Why do so many foreigners go to China and think China is good?

It raises some good points. I find these two particularly thought-provoking:

There’s a feeling of safety and freedom in Chinese cities, which impress with their size. There’s no one to tell you what to do, and you can see from the behavior of the diverse crowd, people just do what they want. In most places you won’t see any police. In some others they are present in security posts. They just do their job, i.e. sit there silently and behave reasonably, adding to the security and order. Do you know that police in China doesn’t have firearms? They are just like a part of the crowd, only doing their job.

they are non-dogmatic. The people are simply pragmatic and hardworking, they want to live good lives, and feel responsible for their well-being. They are not brainwashed (something which is actually more typical to Western countries, and you can see it on Quora too). The main philosophy of China is just common sense and being a good person.

Many westerners look down on China because it’s an authoritarian country, but the most basic freedom is that of safety and freedom from getting harmed. China has that in abundance. They also have freedom from homeless people, street poop and needles as well.

The brainwashing point is good too. Many in the West have a pretty narrow mindset.


As good as Singapore :singapore:? Need to visit China :grinning:

Your view contradicts what the brainwashed UCLA alumni asserted