The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Very cute!




Outer Sunset is def not cheap anymore!!!




Wow, is that really right? So, the 900 is without the downstairs space correct (since it is probably not legal)???


Normally they include everything in the sqft count, don’t they?

Description says “Downstairs, you will find a handy bonus room”


Well, I am only speculating since the upstairs “looks” like 900 sq ft. If you include the bottom, shouldn’t that be over 900 sq ft? I don’t know… still impressive pricing


Wow, junior 5 with the supposedly poor designed tunnel entrance goes for $1200/sq ft!!!

Yeah, Sunset is horrible…


This one sold low, probably due to proximity to 19th ave


Which is my theory about those tweener avenues near 19th. Too much traffic and cars wheezing by all the time…


How is 1.66 considered low? Also, it was sold for only 1.1 two years ago. A big jump already in 2 years. Was a fixer back then but still…


Well house is fairly large (4/3 and nearly 2.4k sq ft)…


This one also on 18th. Same sqft but sold for 1.9M. So I don’t think it’s due to location…


Alrighty, another $1k/sq ft sold in the dead Central Sunset!!! And, double dipping broker of course!!!


How come a fixer upper like that got sold for so much? :slight_smile:


Well, it is a reverse plan home, so nice view of the ocean in the back (bedrooms up front, though). And, you have the unwarranted extra space on the ground floor. Proximity to Safeway and Cheung Hing a mere 2 blocks away, and voila…1.2M for what appears to be a fixer.


Reverse plan is actually a negative. Many people don’t like it. This is a true fixer upper, not just “appeared” to be one. It’s high price reflects that home values in sunset have gone up another notch.


This may be one of those projects my broker neighbor mentioned. A house flipper will think they can throw in maybe a few hundred grand, doll it up and try to sell it for nearly 2M. I know, crazy, and quite a gamble.

Actually I love reverse plan homes in the Sunset. That, and a extra long or wide driveway would be the things I would want totally.

Yes, a fixer, and a nice tunnel entrance for the nice separate inlaw that will be rented out no doubt…


Are you not superstitious? My feng shui broker said reversed plan homes lead to divorce.


Reverse plan is nice but 1075 SF, short house so it’s limited