The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Oops, maybe I never mentioned it before (no one asked technically) she was married before… You’re right, no one that hot can be single from Day 1…


So maybe she got burnt in her previous marriage…definitely don’t want deja vu.


For sure, rich guy too, of course…

Granted she knew I owned property but I did take her out initially in my CRX. I figured if she doesn’t mind that, I’m done…:grin:


Well if her ex was an American citizen too at least we know she wasn’t after your green card…


She was after his money for sure… @sfdragonboy admitted to that as well.


I honestly don’t know for sure that money was the only motivation. The thing is, for someone who works as hard as she does, that does not compute at all to someone having gold digging tendencies…


“Gold digging” and “hardworking” are not mutually exclusive… but I can understand that money might not be the only motivation… :smile:


Yes, but if someone is used to money and knows that she can get anyone with money then there is no need to (a) marry me and (b) work hard…


I think the main motivation for her was that she already reached the age where child bearing was no longer feasible and being divorced too is kind of double whammy for Asian women. The fact that you, this never married guy, came along, have properties, and didn’t mind her past marriage and age probably was enough for her to tie the knot.


Um… either you thought too highly of her or too lowly of yourself…


Now, I may have told you this, but when we met and started dating she was adamant about not getting married again. If I wanted marriage, go find another gal she said. I was fine with it, since I liked her enough to want to see it through but I was “sure” my magnetic personality would win out. Sure enough, she broke down… (hey @marcus335, I didn’t need a semi auto rife with a bump stock to persuade her either…)


Invite her to our forum and let’s find out directly from her. I bet she loves real estate too right?


No, she is not big on RE unless it actually impacts her (meaning buying and moving in). Girl likes cooking, Facebook and zumba…


I work out in your wife’s gym I think. City sports at Stonestown right? I will keep an eye out for pretty ladies and randomly ask them if they know a dragon boy. :smile:


Damn it!!! Stay away!!! :slight_smile:


That gym is good. Come work out here. Being close to SF state has lots of benefits too.


I know, but I am cheap… remember, I already have an empty gym after work at our office building in addition to $24/yr 24 Fitness. I got enough gyms for two people…


Why am I paying $16.50 per month? :sob:


My old female boss (also divorced) likes zumba too…I never get the hype…


Sorry, man, maybe you can pass as my brother and I can add you on… (you guys all like alike…)