The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



The zumba is garbage frankly. They chit chat and go eat at lavish lunches after. Stick to your running…


What will you do when 12 thugs decide to mug and beat you on BART?


You will cry and beg for them to leave you alone… :rofl:


Well, if confronted with 1 thug even who has a gun/weapon I would be foolish to not relinquish whatever earthly possession(s) he/she wants from me. Why risk having my life ended and therefore be relieved of my duties here on Planet Manch? (Shoot him, shoot him, some folks are saying…) But the reality is also that I am not a small person too who would come across as an easy mark. Just like the car with a steering wheel lock on it, best to move on to an easier car. I am not always on my cellphone, unaware of my surroundings. I keep my eyes peeled on people especially the suspicious types. I also generally do not take BART during non business hours when there aren’t other folks around.


Shoot him! Shoot him! :rofl:


Boom!!! 1.8M, 205K over asking!!!


Boom boom!!! How about 517K over asking???

Look at that nice pot of gold when you retire and downsize…



I saw that. Did those old folks stage their own house? A professional stager could’ve done a better job and gotten more bang for their buck. :wink:


Well, imagine that you are old (yes, you too will get old…) and you aren’t really focusing on “making” more money by investing more money. I can see it. A million bucks or close to it net might be just fine with the owners who are sailing off into the sunset…


Ok I see I’m still way too young to understand the older mindset… :rofl:


Happy 2018!

This is a bargain though with approved extension plans


Man I’m thinking if this is an error


I thought the same! Because if not an error it’s crazy…


Happy New Year, @Esfgiants and @lasse!!!

Well, that is just the plans for a larger home correct? You still have to build and that could (will) be expensive. I followed this on another thread since this is a strategy that I might want to deploy too in anticipation of selling one day. Why not take advantage of my expediter architect’s considerable skill with Planning to get me the same approved permit to build and throw that in on the sale? Could be worth the time and effort no? Hey, also same 180 degree unobstructed ocean view with no one ever to block your view (I am at the crest of the corner).


I’ve been inside this house when it was first sold a few years ago.
You can do that but this was an expansion permit, takes 15 months and a lot of money. Owner probably made very little overall with holding cost and you are banking on speculation too


I am looking out my window now towards Ocean Beach and that is the same, orangy sunset in the picture…


Ok, so assuming you saw it in the condition when it sold last in 2015 couldn’t one argue that at that time the sold price of just over 1M was about right, if not slightly high? I mean, 2/1 with orig kitchen and bathrooms and illegal downstairs in the mid 30s ave. Yes, the view from the existing living room is not bad already. So, you guys actually think 1.4M with plans is cheap eh? Remember, those pics are renderings not existing condition…


1.05 was WITH tenants. That’s why 1.4 is super cheap imo. Expansion approved plans are worth money imo. Going to be a spectacular house when done


I will be curious if the new owner actually goes through with it. I mean without looking into it, how much is that expansion bill going to be? 250-300K? More? Hope he/she has money left…


It would be a waste if they didn’t. Your estimation is about right but 2x or 2.5x. The scope of work based on the city is around 450k which in turn permit fee is around 30 to 40k already