This, Is Why Google Is Google


Sufficiently complex algorithm can always be “confused” with sufficiently twisted input.
At some point some vision algorithm confused black person with a monkey, so…


Google algorithms have no wisdom :pensive:


it makes money, so…


Idiot trump is wisdom.



Google tracks your movements, like it or not

Where in the World Is Larry Page?

While Alphabet faces existential challenges, its co-founder is exercising his right to be forgotten.


he made a mistake when he picked sundar, but i guess he couldn’t care less.



Time for Larry Page to hand over CEO Alphabet to Sundar.


Sundar is doing much better job than Larry. Google is a much more disciplined company under sundar.


That’s their CFO. She’s really good.


Sundar is a noop, noncharismatic person. He is very uninspiring.


This miggt be true, but what kind of discipline? Financial? Maybe.


Why do you need a ceo to inspire you?


Financial. She’s limiting R&D spend will demanding projects have a path to revenue and profitability. No more just doing lots of random projects that seem cool with zero business plan.

Tim Cook isn’t very charismatic. He’s killing it st Apple. Mark Hurd is about as exciting as watching pain dry, but he’s been very effective at HP and Oracle.


Right. I don’t get why you need CEO to be inspiring. CEO’s number 1 job is set the right strategy. Everything else can be delegated.

It’s a bit rich to be getting 300K or 400K salary but still demands to be inspired to do a job. Not personally to @tomato but this attitude is fairly common in the valley. Like google employees feel they should have say whether google takes part in defense projects. Hello? Who is paying whom?


Your comment is often acidic :grinning:


Should I sugar coat it better?


In layman’s terms Screamer-in-Chief is saying money is the only inspiration, period.