This, Is Why Google Is Google


We didn’t hijack anything from Google. You are Larry Page’s right hand man, right?:rofl:


keep underestimating people in terms of puns and stuff :slight_smile:


I saw $800k but no money. Then bought at 70% more.


Something’s wrong with Google employees. Bearish.


Not sure how much you can read from contributions from tech companies. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of these tech workers don’t even have voting rights.

BTW, in Google, Facebook, Salesforce charts, the big “jumps” align pretty well with the IPO timing, which is interesting.


Tech = leftist echo chamber.


I don’t buy into the echo chamber rant but this is funny af:


I eat chick fila, and i see nothing wrong with it.
I go there for food, not for their opinion on something.


That’s exactly how ridiculous it is. You can also see it on which content gets censored or removed. The bias is insane.


Here you go

New technologies in data science are allowing long-term investors to bring much more rigor to their operations. This paper thus shows empirical examples in support of the data-driven advances, demonstrating their practical applications. We use the UC Investments office as our case study, and we discuss how adoption of advanced data science techniques can move organizations past the current unsatisfactory state of the art, to an unprecedented level of operational finesse. Specifically, we focus on a methodological innovation in fair valuation of illiquid assets that is supported by an automated, rigorous process. We test this process in a real-world setting, and find, at least in this case, that these advances can enhance roll forward outputs in terms of timeliness, accuracy and granularity. This has several potential impacts, not only for reporting, but also for investment, risk management, actuarial purposes and even personal compensation of teams.

Keywords: Fair Value, Private Equity, Valuation, Alternatives, Operations, Data Science, Roll Forward, Reporting, Modern Proxy Benchmarks, NAV