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I feel this is similar to people buying 2nd or more homes outside the bay. One look at huge lots, pools and actual mcMansions anywhere north and east of Napa and people are rushing in with offers. I wonder if this is short term trend.

I don’t thing so . The trend to move to the suburbs and farther has been going on since WW2. The urban movement was an aberration that started after the financial crisis and lingered due to millennials avoiding family formations. That Era is over. Plus there is a huge group of boomers looking to cash out of their expensive BA houses. I sold my BA house and bought 5 in Tahoe plus an apartment building. There are plenty of opportunities for retired people to get passive rental income plus a nicer house just by moving 100-200 miles.


It may look accurate, but it is not. It costs money.

IMO,Market struggling to stabilize either direction.

:shushing_face: Don’t alert @manch, I haven’t sold yet.

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It is not easy to break the bull run as lot of people are just trading during bull run. Market was running exuberantly well with FED free money…

If I am able to get exact point of turn, I may be able to make good money, otherwise just sit idle with cash position !

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UPRO… UPRO… UPRO… 500 less tech stocks are gaining…

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 8.27.18 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 8.27.37 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 8.27.47 AM

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Talk but didn’t act. XLI shot up 10% already, didn’t seriously consider :sob: Matrix had made a change.

It’s sector rotation again. The last few times cloud stocks roar back once it ends.

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Your thoughts?

You mean cloud stocks are not going to roar going forward?

Since you’re a millennial, your thought?

I don’t own any ad-supported business model stocks. Don’t want to support this kind of business model.

Btw, I am a buy n hold (hopefully forever) investor. Don’t presume a person talking a lot about an issue or issues mean very interested in those issues. Trading amount is an insignificant percentage of my portfolio - just for entertainment or mad money (as Jim Cramer said) i.e. willing to lose completely every dollar. Bulk of my stock portfolio is in AAPLs and S&P index funds - I hardly look at them.

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No I am not a millennial.
I am a long term investor as well, 80% of the investment is on S&P 500 index and the other 20% is on FAANG.

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None of us know, but trend says they will roar.

Not happy with parento ratio? In another thread, you say you are considering changing the ratio. No need to change ratio. Any ratio is arbitrary anyway.

Market is diving while we are talking. TSLA drops below $1400. Millennial-Robinhooders need to liquidate other stocks such as AAPLs to meet the margin calls.

Sell SAH and WFH stocks?

Actually it’s about time to sell a little, if you are the trading type. Not a fan of being too long when it hits extreme greed.


Huh? Since I started trading UPRO in late Jun, have bought and sold UPRO for 22 times, so far are green trades. Started TQQQ a few weeks ago, 10 trades, one red :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Traders trade regardless of bull or bear or sideways market.

Rocketing after Harris appointment,