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I thought Harris is too far left like a commie?


The big ‘surprise’ that could send stocks higher: Morning Brief

Cyclical sectors like financials, energy, materials, and industrials have been leading the market while tech high-flyers have been lagging since the Nasdaq’s record close on Thursday. Baird strategist Michael Antonelli also noted Tuesday that the equal-weighted S&P 500 has outperformed against the cap-weighted index for a month, suggesting a rotation has indeed already been underway. Albeit quietly.

This is not a run-of-the-mill rotation. The decline in share price of some SAH and WFH could be quite severe. It means may have to switch from TQQQ to SQQQ.

An endorsement for Harris.

All of the above are either after the fact or following market action misleading readers…etc. None are the real reason.

Most of the common investors believe this story and either Terrified yesterday evening or Bullified today morning.

You won’t believe it, Everything is FED money and run by computer algorithms of HFT make up. This creates FOMO in public. When everyone puts money, they will show the real face !

Many may feel that I am giving too much weight-age to computer or some nut kind of guy !

For the first time, I day traded yesterday, bought SPXU yesterday morning ($8.95) and sold evening (GTC auto sell at $9.29) resulting nice profit !

Remember one thing: Anything goes up without real growth will come down at some point later. This is the so called mean reversion, google it you will know.

It’s a lot more than just that. She’s scandal ridden. Do a search for “Bologna family murders.” Actually her problems started long before she was DA in SF; they just didn’t come out during her presidential run. But they will now. And yes, there’s nothing like that woman to make sure the Trump base turns out in force in November.

Trump base is anti-Black, anti-Indian and anti-women? And don’t own stocks?

How can it be, when he is pro-woman, pays lot of money…remember law suits !!! :rofl:

This is the market saying Biden/Harris has no chance. Most of the country hates California politics. There’s no way Biden wins swing states with her, and more votes in California don’t help.

Whatever, market loves Harris. I recall Trump base is mostly non-stock investors, right?

Ironically, can also be interpreted as such.

Where is Willy Brown? The next AG.

I am repeatedly telling, market is acting on its own, only news/media high-light some interesting stories to attach to market reaction. Market is leading, and nice stories are trailing the market action.

Do not be fooled by news/media/analysts (news paper or TV show analysts) posts, they do not have any clue about what market is doing.

Use your own EW, if you are good at it, that is far better than any other stories.

Eventually all common man trading (not investing) like reddit->wallstreetbets goes to big banks and HFTs.

One of the biggest Trump boosters in my neck of the woods is my state legislator, Walt Blackman - who’s black. And one of the most active local groups is “Women for Trump.”

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Easy to be anti Trump. Hard to be pro BidenHarris

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I am fool by Trump antics. Semis should be hit by US-China tension, so sold many SOXLs. Screwed up, up 10%+ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just FYI, whether you believe it or not, daily changes are happening with HFT algorithms. Nothing to do with Trump, Harris, US-China…etc.

US-China tension exists since day 1 Trump came as president and will continue forever. The only true impact is Tariff on goods import (100Bln) and specifically affects the company which imports.

But, market swings trillions with their own HFT algorithm. News/Media assigns a nice story for their circulation.

You are too good on EW, use it and never take any decision without such EW analysis.

Never believe any story on daily basis except fundamental changes such as qtrly report etc.

Market is not acting based on stories published, but stories are published based on market action !

Today News/Media shows a story about Kamala Harris (hot topic) to improve their circulation, that is all.
If tomorrow market drops, does it mean Market Hates Kamala Harris?

If tomorrow drops, new/media will tell “stand off between Corono-bill agreement or something interesting stories…”

Regarding SOXL, see previous 5 days, market continuously dropped it 5.85%, today it jumped 8.11%, just compensating the drop - This is the so called short term mean reversion. Your EW will tell you nicely about it.

When you see SOXL at deep discount it is attractive to buy, right? It is basically buy low, sell high.

NO … F O M O

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WB said crash soon :scream:

Warren Buffett said this metric signaled the 2001 crash — now it’s sounding the alarm on global markets


If WB sells then I will believe him.


:scream: :scream: :scream:

Known in investing circles as the “Buffett Indicator,” the measure is simply the total market cap of all U.S. stocks relative to the country’s GDP. When it’s in the 70% to 80% range, it’s time to throw cash at the market. When it moves above 100%, it’s time to lean toward risk-off.

Good, let me try to add his indicator too and see whether it is useful.

Even if it dips tomorrow, I am prepared for it !


What is it right now?

Looks bad, maybe there will be a crash in August like I predicted .

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