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Holders no impact. Those forced to sell because of margin calls & stops blown are the one that have the most pain.

Santa Claus Rally


Soothe my nerve by selling some FBs to me for $80 :slight_smile:


Not sure why is that a response to 4. but you’re right, Americans are too political to notice those news. They are more concerned about being superior and remain superior, and protecting other animals.

Weakening US dollars are good for exporters like Apple :slight_smile: Buy AAPLs.


2.5% on the Dow and yes, that’s a massive one day move.


Just a random Google search. Article back in March:

US stocks sank in trading on Friday afternoon, pushing the S&P 500 to its biggest weekly decline in two years amid concerns about US trade policy and retaliation from China.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 360 points, or 1.5%, to its lowest level since November 22. The S&P 500 fell 56 points, or 2.13%, while the Nasdaq fell 148 points, or 2.23%.

  • The 5.9% drop in the S&P 500 over the week was the worst in more than two years.

So it proved back then rates didn’t matter and only China mattered? Now it’s the opposite?


Realize today is Nov 28, 1128 日日易发


Why didn’t you tell me yesterday? :rage:


So you could time the market based on superstition?


In reference to the blue wave discussion on this thread up above, here’s Nytimes summary of the “wave”

So how big was the blue wave? Over all, 2018’s shift to the left was smaller than the one in 2006, the last time the Democrats flipped the House. And it was half the size of the most recent Republican wave in 2010 when districts shifted more than 19 points to the right.


It proves only that drops can be attributed by pundits to trade frictions. The drop in March followed a steady increase in rates - and they barely budged through that week which is unusual when equities are falling (that usually causes bond prices to rise).


Another fed member gets move dovish.


He is not a member of FOMC committee.

2018 Committee Members

Jerome H. Powell, Board of Governors, Chairman
John C. Williams, New York, Vice Chairman
Thomas I. Barkin, Richmond
Raphael W. Bostic, Atlanta
Michelle W. Bowman, Board of Governors
Lael Brainard, Board of Governors
Richard H. Clarida, Board of Governors
Mary C. Daly, San Francisco
Loretta J. Mester, Cleveland
Randal K. Quarles, Board of Governors

Alternate Members

James Bullard, St. Louis
Charles L. Evans, Chicago
Esther L. George, Kansas City
Eric Rosengren, Boston
Michael Strine, First Vice President, New York


It’s widely expected economy is slowing down from this point on. Tax cut sugar rush is dying down and trade is weighing down corporate profit. With a slowing economy the Fed can and should wait.


Tariff on trade and Rate hikes are pressurizing, but Tax cut is not one time, but must have on going benefit carried over year after year.

Here is the statement J powell made 2 days before



Profit-taking by Jil who bought betting for a good summit outcome?
Many shares met with resistance and some turn to red?



I was buying last week as I may missing the buying opportunity, esp AAPL. I took first lot at $172 and second lot $177.5 and on the average it came to $175.59.

I am not planning to trade/sell at all.

Whatever I bought, just holding, seeing main companies AAPL and TSLA going up. Neither of them good to sell at near future, both of them hold long.


Yesterday’s afternoon is profit-taking, today is all out selling. My guess is market sense that tariff war won’t end so soon with the appointment of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer leading the 90 days negotiation which started from Dec 1 and not Jan 1 as Ludlow said.



Just 799 points down.

Anybody is buying?

I heard that’s how you make money, right?


You like to dance on a pool of blood? Your statement needs qualification.
Long term buy n hold investing in rock solid fundamentals businesses: Can buy to reduce cost basis :grin: (may increase cost basis if you want to own more :slight_smile: even though you have bought them cheap a long time ago)
Short term traders care only about momentum: Momentum seems to be down, so should short not long :slight_smile:


He’s the male version of @harriet.