Today's Market 1/17-23

Blue waves have been good for markets in the past:

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For the options traders here: gamma exposure heating up.

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If you stripped out the 5 big tech FAMAG, US actually lagged EM last year.


Value bottoming out?

Penny stocks going :rocket:

Citi Panic/Euphoria:

Zooming out a bit, it has surpassed last record at the height of dot-com bubble:

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Commodity price spiking up. Maybe inflation will finally come for real this time.


It’s unlikely there is any party or party’s policy that really drive the market. They are there for the ride.

I did read about this several elections ago (maybe 12 years ago). That there is some correlation on split congress being best for market. Hard to say if it is truly cause and effect or just some random correlation.

Here is recent article on that:

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I’m surprised on those positive return numbers under Jimmy Carter. I thought there was stagflation then. Slow economic grow + inflation.

Pretty informative session. They went over a company called UiPath that I didn’t know before.

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TWLO! @marcus335 hits a jackpot!


MGNI 20x over 3 years.

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You did? Do not remember. Getting old.


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Cathie says margin and earning explosion and multiple corrections in 2021. Which one come first?

How is ROBLOX? IPO this week.

My kid and friends play it all the time. And they spend their allowance, birthday money, New Years money on that. Smart to target gullible kids :money_mouth_face: (and their parents :rofl:)


Roblox gonna be HUGE!

Yes, my kids are addicted. Literally would connect a stream straight from my credit card to the Robux (Roblox money) store if they could. They are a {real} money printing machine.

You gotta make your money back on Roblox stocks then.


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