Today's Market 11/22-28

Stock market thread for 11/22 to 11/28/2020.

But I read RHers are so small in number they don’t control the market. Do you think it’s otherwise?

10 million and counting.

They tends to use leverages and calls, some very OTM calls.

If avg = $10,000. Total $100B. Use calls, $1T. Focus on a few stocks :wink: Ofc, extreme reasoning for clarity :grinning:

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Since the topic is today’s market, I propose that we have a function for this topic that deletes all posts at midnight. Make it sorts like snapchat. :smiley:


Actually there seems to be such a function: Set Topic Timer. @hanera since you are the thread owner, do you want me to set the timer to auto-delete replies after some time? If so, after how long?

Guess you didn’t see my :+1: can do as proposed.

On second thought that feature will auto delete all replies at some set times. Not as smart as having individual post each having its own timer to self delete after 24 hours…

Or can you start auto post with “today market - 11/24” with the date? Like they do weekly thread on reddit?

Have a thread for each day is a bit too much work, and clogs up the home page. Let me try making one every week. That seems more manageable.


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If market closes above 3626 (S&P) I got false alarm and market is not going down.

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This was buy the dip market last 2 weeks. I think it still goes up this week but maybe go through a little correction after Thanksgiving when pros come back. Hoping for a nice Christmas rally!


Sentiment is getting extremely bullish fast. Jumped 13 points from yesterday.

Everyone is standing on the same side of the boat now. Careful.

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Bet on RH stocks, always win :upside_down_face: Some of those would turn out to be AMZN, TSLA and NFLX.

The whole EV sector has gone insane, and TSLA is actually the low performing one among its peers. That tells you how crazy things are.

NIO went up 15x in 6 months! XPEV 8x!


NIO went down appx $2, march and I thought of grabbing some 1000 shares, but left it as I do not want to invest outside of USA. I thought you would have picked up some.

It was about to fall, but with Covid-19 medicine in near future, it is turned upside. We do not have any clear horizon or raising point.

However, all Covid corrected stocks are recovering very fast, such as MGM, PK, many REITs, CUK,LYFT and UBER these hit the lowest point which won’t come in near future.

Yep. I’ve been adding XLE and XLF from low point to whenever I saw the dip. I think energy will make a comeback in 2021. Time to add on every dip for me. I would love to get into UBER/etc if it’s little cheaper.

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Because of Trump right? I didn’t bet BIG in TSLA in 2019 because of that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Thought was the right time.

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Not yet 100 :money_mouth_face:

Cloud stocks rally while other decline :slight_smile: