Today's Market 3/28-4/3

Did I buy Tesla at 180 back in 2019 because of you? I don’t remember having such a connection so I can’t claim you as my advisor nor thanking you, I’m sorry to say :slight_smile:

But too bad you couldn’t hold on to your purchase and sold prematurely. You could’ve been a wealthier person like me. You are just not good with stock investing. Good thing you still have your real estate as your saving grace.

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Call option volume continues to fall.

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The froth seems to be largely wrung out now. ARKK today went up while QQQ dropped a bit. Feels like bottoming out?

I am the perma bull with no timing skill so maybe you are asking the wrong guy. :innocent:


You posted the article and made that comment. So I assume you have some insights to share.

My guess and inference tomorrow is wild positive that QQQ must close more than 1%. Market is supposed to pick up during April, let us see.

Btw: This is not stock or financial advice.

Panda said half-hr and 2-hr top killers indicate SPX will be down 2mrw. Previous two consecutive signals didn’t bear out… third time or this time will be correct?

Anything can happen tomorrow as no one can 100% correctly predict.

Your first link is some analysts post which can easily go wrong. I discount that part.

Regarding Panda’s statement, he says 70% chance that SPX may go down 65 points next 2 days or by Friday.

I still maintain 2mrw is positive day for QQQ (very likely for ^GSPC too). Anyway, let us see which side coin flips by tomorrow closing !

Biden infra plan announcement tomorrow 1.20 PM PST

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More like tax plan announcement… That won’t go over well.

tesla, GM cap removed and getting either $7.5K or $10K federal tax credit

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Did any1 in the Biden admin own TSLA?

Market is probably cheering only corporate taxes are increasing.

Can anyone in the government do math? $2T over 8 years is $250B/yr. Corporate income tax revenue is $230B/yr. Increasing the corporate income tax rate to 28% won’t pay for the plan. It’s won’t come close. It’d have to more than double corporate income tax revenue. This is just more BS where they claim a tax funds something while spending 4x more than the tax revenue crated.


The issue is that govt won’t get that $230 B/yr as Corp will move the profits to overseas, tax heaven countries, and permanently damage Corp money inflow.

The technical term is “Intercompany transactions/transfers”, google it to see further information. Simply, mega gaps use that methods to shelter tax and nothing USA can do about it.

He corp taxes harming US than benefiting. Market may be running with positive news sometime, but correction will come soon, appx 20%-30% range well before this tax becomes a law !

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$230B was the revenue in 2019. It appears we are spending the money over 8 years and paying for it over 15 years. That “only” requires a 58% increase. The math doesn’t work.

This is how all these programs are proposed. It’s amazing to me no one is doing the math. They just blindly report the tax increase will fund it.

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Top gainers (in %) in my watchlist,

.TWST 14+
.MRNA 10+
.DMTK ~10
.NVTA ~10

wow, all genomics.

Market just loves the Biden corporate tax hikes.


When I woke up, stocks :rocket: Came back from HMart :arrow_down:

This is the myth market creates!

Market goes up with negative news. They even say market priced it…etc.

But they will show the real face at some point of time, and that is painful.