Today's Market 4/11-17

Q1 earnings season is upon us with financials reporting this week. It’s gonna be lit!


Master RedPanda @hanera, what happens when Head & Shoulder breaks on the upside?

Record inflow:

Cash is trash.

Century top? Getting close to “Sell” signal.


On the other hand sentiment is way off the January high.

BAML clients holding their largest equity position ever.


How is that a H&S?

This is a bearish sign. If I am not wrong, cash refers to cash held by retail investors. If all retail investors are in, there are no buyers left! No buyers actually mean no (retail) buyers. That is not good because retail investors tend to be majority bullish :slight_smile: We are now in the hands of big money.


Don’t like my H&S chart? What about this one?

You want me to be the bad guy? Those type of triangles are continuation pattern, if going down and then triangle, it will continue down after completion of triangle. Recall I mention many times, if don’t clear $720 mean follow yellow line.

A pullback is due for sure. Doubt is century top. As I said a few times, the earliest date is Apr 26 week (could be Apr 23) :slight_smile: where Apr 28 is Apple earning day… if market didn’t peak then, next date is May 10 week (May 11 is most likely).

Need to check volume :slight_smile:

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This week (or from now on), better to go safety, seek safety…from entire market. Whatever (so called) exceptional results are coming/reported soon, none can help save stock market. 2021 Corp tax change is great killer of local economy, adding stress on economic revival. Stocks may jump this week further and fool the retailers.

As long as you people understand what I mean…enjoy the cash, drink, dine…be happy…

No more update, I want to stay away from stock market updates…Good Luck…!

BTW: Everything guess and fun work which can go wrong, not an investment, nor a stock advice.

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2 days ago.


Just like weather :wink:

CALLIE COX: Yeah, so a year two, every bull market since 1950 has gained in year two. And no bull market has ended a year two. So that’s good news. But if you notice in this table, gains do slow down. So it’s typical for the bull market to lose a little bit of steam going into year two. And that’s going back to the low expectations, high growth kind of thing. Expectations start rising and makes it harder for the market to kind of beat everybody’s expectations. And that leaves a greater chance for disappointment. And to be clear, again, we’re not calling for doom and gloom. We just think the market is due for a breather up in the next quarter or two.

What will happen in 2021? 1. or 2.?

  1. History rhymes, lower gain but not end of bull market.
  2. This time is different, bear market starts soon.

CALLIE COX: Yeah, definitely. Well, I think you hit it on the head, Jared. You know, people are worrying about a lot of things. You know, people are worrying about an inflation scare. They’re worrying about the Fed possibly having to raise rates if we see high growth. They’re worrying about a corporate tax hike

Wall of worries? or real?

Then she made some killer remarks…

“…which we all think are things that are coming on the horizon, maybe not in the next 12 months. But it doesn’t mean investors can’t worry about them. And that worry could manifest itself in where the market goes.”

Scare with them or take advantage of the fear?

One last thing, her top killer remark…

I make these predictions, but I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Wait… more…

And we are optimistic on tech longer term.

Common…Stock market is not static, but dynamic…Spent hours on weekend to review…I make spilt second decision/change…no proof…no justification, take it or leave it…!

Trying to: No more update, I want to stay away from stock market updates…Good Luck… !

Charlie! China numbers are forged, can’t be trusted! Their accounting are not up2 US standard, don’t trust. Don’t invest in BABA!

You2, Cathie.

Both Cathie and Charlie view these high quality bigcap tech stocks as cash equivalent. Names like BABA, AAPL and MSFT.

BABA is currently up 8% in Hong Kong.

Because there is a pull back today, market is extended some more time, guess after FAANG results.

BTW: My prediction will definitely change (moving target) as data is changing and my system alerts are changing.

Please take it or ignore it, I will leave it to you.