Today's Market 4/11-17

You are like Panda, always changing forecast. I’ve already said is FAANG moons ago… Apr 26 week… check what companies are releasing results :slight_smile: that week.

No more update.

I have also said this based on my extremely reliable WAG indicator.

No more update.

Final Update:

Prediction will change based on dynamic market condition. It can 100% go wrong too.

Trying with various simulations last few days, many hours and updating the content.

It is not at all an easy task to find the top !
What I am doing is something many giants said impossible !

Based on my algo prediction inference, S&P has to slowly touch below 4050 (as of date, moving target) and then jump 4%-5% towards Apr 26th week. Essentially, market is going down and then coming up to a new peak with ultimate gain of small percentage.

All I am sensing is market is at its peak (within 3%-5% appx) and can harm retailers in future, be careful.

If this is happened, you are assured of 20%-25% drop thereafter.

BTW: This is my last free service as many of you need to save yourself. Take it or leave it.

This is not financial advice or stock advice, you need to do your own research and take action.

Do not ask any question, I do not like to respond anymore questions, sarcasm or any other sort.

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I appreciate this! I have a bunch of cash sitting around, and the market is :yawning_face: Now looking at crypto. :wink:


[sarcasm]Moons ago I have said possible start of crash is SPX 4244, today is 4132, 2.6% below. So your value-added is to say it in % range? You better hope is not 4244! Otherwise mine is precision :slight_smile: Btw, the next possible one is 4450, for this one, better not be otherwise I would have to laugh at Panda’s DTK. [/sarcasm]

Selective stocks/etfs have been ripping these days (FNGU up almost 40% in 2 weeks) but I’ve been on a lot of crypto alternative assets while transferring some holdings to Blockfi and Voyager (high interest on crypto holdings) from coinbase/kraken. I’ve stopped trading with GBTC though but getting into much more volatile crypto related stocks last few weeks → miners (RIOT, MARA, etc). :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



She is not as nimble as you. Nobody in this forum has your speed. @jil come close. I am very slow but still faster than most of them here :wink:

Hah. I only do multi-day or multi-week trading compare to my other friends who does daily. I can’t keep up with them. :tired_face: Huge day today with long AAPL and DDOG calls, along with RIOT and FNGU holdings. Feels like more rip ahead for many others. Bought some long BABA, ARKK, ABNB and GDX ITM calls too.

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Remember parabolic rise always follow by dive :slight_smile:

There is always mountains higher than this mountain.


when a meme coin like dogecoin that was designed specifically to have no value (unlike other coins it’s circulation is uncapped and periodically doubles in count very time period) so as to satirize other cryptocurrecies goes up 50% in 1 day, you get the feeling most of the people in the market are FOMO gambling rather then investing.


Elon Musk on dodgecoin.

To the moon!


Ok. We’re all a bunch of under achievers.

That’s just insane.

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Many MEME stocks are dumped…for months… millennials are no longer interested in them?


Puru’s portfolio:

PURU claims to be a long term investor but his average holding period is only a few years.

Reading his tweet… sound good but… another one of those… tell him I hold AAPL for 25 years! No hedging! Didn’t try to be a smart ass doing fundamental analysis or analyzing macro conditions or doing any technical analysis. Only one criteria… invest in the smartest person in town then… late SJ is the smartest then, period.

He started investing since late 1990s yet didn’t own AAPL and AMZN? You can ignore him now.

I have CRWD DOCU PLTR SE SKLZ SNOW TWLO… hope he didn’t jink them.

Well, at least he knew TA is superior over FA…

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 8.52.29 PM

and knew that the best investment book is by Phil Fisher :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 8.55.15 PM

And I doubt he understands how to use RSI! For his testing, I wonder whether he merely use overbought and oversold or use divergence. And for divergence, there is a lot more story than meet the eyes! Tricks of the trade, I don’t think he knows. Did he use moving average? Jim Simmons turned few hundred dollars to few hundred millions using moving average, yes, moving averages! Hence I believe even if he did test moving average, my bet is his algorithm for testing is WRONG.


Do you know which founder-led company of market cap less than $50B is the smartest of them all? This info is worth millions :wink:

Puru used to be a professional fund manager. I think he knows a thing or two about RSI?

I suspect Jack Dorsey is the next Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. But Square is already 120B and Twitter is 57B. I am more bullish on SQ than TWTR though. There are so many good founders in SV but most don’t have the superstar personal name brands like SJ and EM.


His TA staff know. He vaguely know.

I suspect you are right. @wuqijun has an uncanny nose that sniff out genius. He owns AAPL (late SJ), he owns TSLA (Elon Musk) and he owns SQ (JD). Talking about SQ, I regretted a lot for selling SQ@$80s and think I did well… didn’t pick it back when it dove because I was watching TV serials… very very very bad mistake of not keeping my eyes on the market.

By now, you should know I secretly wishing for a stock market crash :slight_smile: Very eager to pick up SHOP and SQ at fire sale price… many traders are on margin… on margin calls, these stocks would be on sale because of forced selling. For now, is better to keep tons of cash rather than try to scalp :slight_smile:

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You want the market to drop sharply so you get the fire sale? Did you do anything back in March of 2020? That was the appropriate time to do so. Now is more than a year too late. You will have to buy Tsla and Sq at a premium, should you still wish to own them.

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