Today's Market 5/2-8

This week has some interesting reports lined up.

Some candies for the bears like @hanera:

Bearish divergence for the RSI?

and for breadth as well?


Too many people piling into 3x long ETF’s.

One can argue a “bubble” has already popped.


However, it can be followed by a hidden bullish divergence. This type of RSI behavior is “correction through time” :roll_eyes: See blue arrows in chart below,

That’s the behavior we have been talking about for weeks! One more down and one more up. SPX is still in wave four… correction through time… and have not started the last up wave before the EPIC downtrend start. So far, SPX is behaving as expected.

Bear in mind, while SPX has not started the multi-month (@Jil said is mm)/ multi-year (Panda said is multi-year) downtrend, some stocks may have, some stocks would be after and many are likely to be go down together with SPX. So depending on what stocks you’re holding, may have time to do the necessary :slight_smile:

Panda has posted a definition of crash (I don’t know what is the generally acceptable definition).


His is truly a diversified portfolio. YTD 25.71%.

No short-term trading i.e. no day trading and no swing trading. So no taking of excessive risk like investing mostly in high growth. Mostly investing (>1 yr) + some position trading (a few months duration). FA-based (for selection of stocks) supported by EWT (market timing)… Similar approach by Beth. Also an approach I wanted to do but didn’t follow through… no need now… got the jackpot already… now have a small sum for mainly entertainment and gambling… and watching you struggling to get there :slight_smile: . Cathie might have used the same but didn’t want to talk about EWT.

Outperforms even TQQQ.

Btw, he thinks there would be elevated inflation (3-4%) for >3 months (I think he implied is for 10 years) and not 1-2 months transitory ones. He doesn’t think there will be hyperinflation (>7%).

Since when you are so obsessed with short term returns? YTD is how long? Four months? At least show us what his four year returns are.

BTW I am just as superstitious as you are and your YouTube boy has the face of a thief. I won’t trust him with even $10.


I don’t think he has even 1 year record. I read his blog for his macro view :slight_smile: as I mentioned long ago… too lazy to look through so many raw data… I think his view is reasonable. If you run a column on macro, I will also read… I like to read analysis :slight_smile: Analysis not description of what happened :slight_smile:

Is also interesting to monitor performance of his portfolio because it is truly a diversified portfolio… ofc, include bitcoin :slight_smile: 25% is pretty good for an upstart… btw, he is a Spanish living in Spain. His family is in real estate investment but he is not interested in RE.

I don’t buy his recommended stocks if that is what you think.

Does this discussion mean anything? Even if the market crashes tomorrow, FED will print money and congress will pass another 3 Trillion stimulus, and the market will gap up again covering all the previous losses (in price not in purchasing power).


You should read through the past few months of discussion in Indices & ETFs - #2540 by mcp for background. Jumping into an on-going discussion is not good.

Thank You. Was very good article on tax consequences of investing in ETFs.

That Bloomberg post is worth nothing ! Waste of time…It is junk stuff…!!

FED won’t print the money unless economy goes bad with lay offs or only when financial institutions are going bankrupt or if economy about to collapse !

Market will adjust the equities based on effects of corp taxes, individual taxes, real estate taxes and inheritance taxes.

Just listen WB meeting, question asked what will happen to Berkshire when he dies and inheritance kicks off selling 40% of his holdings for taxes purposes. He replied “It does not concern him…!”, then Charlie said “Sure…it does not affect you!”…then whole arena laughed…


@erth said is good, you said is junk. Actually I meant read the thread not that article.

Anyhoo, I read through the article, title is misleading. Article just talks about possibilities.

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QQQ is killed while SPX is rallying. Killing high growth stocks while rushing into “value” stocks.

ARKK is slaughtered… as expected.

CAT, DE, COST, BRK/B and AAPL are rallying.

That is, those with pricing power are rallying. These are the stocks which we should be holding during inflation. Those without pricing power, many high growth tech stocks belong to this group, would be decimated. I hold 1 share of many such high growth tech stocks, most are red now, as red as -25%.

BILL and SE are green… good candidates to ramp up from 1 to 1000?

good time to buy EV Spacs - i am starting my research


Wow! Jim Cramer and @manch are thinking alike again. Waiting to BTFD.

CAT and DE are mooning.

BRK/B is stable.

SKLZ is green… Cathie is buying?

SHOP is green… retail investors are shopping already?

AAPL now down 12% from 52w high. Officially in corrections territory.

TSLA down 25% and ARKK down 29%.

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