Too Cheap (Millbrae)


Ok…better not sell the Sunset home just yet…:grinning:


One of my ex-coworkers sold his Cupertino home in 2011 (for 900k) and retired to Phoenix. I wonder what he is thinking now… :thinking:


Yeah, just when you think the market has topped and is destined for some correction it makes a mockery of you. But I do fear that other destinations are certainly becoming more viable due to the high cost here. Let’s get real, at some point people simply can not afford it anymore and they have to go elsewhere even if they don’t want to…


I bought it from him and is very happy.

Atherton is still very desirable :slight_smile:


No doubt, for those who can afford it…

If anything, I would have thought I gave you your chance to push Texas again…:grinning:


In this polarized world, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. So no, BA real estate will continue to outstrip the rest of the country until prices are 50x beyond national average…


Really??? Well, let me dig up his old address and see if it has your name on it now…


To make it easier for you, my name is Hu Ge, not Donnie Yen.


Ok, at least you didn’t go with Chow Yun Fat…


Yes, chinese pricing strategy nets 2.27M!!!


Huge house.


Another one that is fairly large yet pricing a tad low in my opinion for Millbrae.


Come on, Sunset beats this!!!


Hmmm, what happened here???

I am impressed with Lee Ginsberg though. He has a ton of San Bruno listings and then this time he is on the buyer’s side of a fairly decent deal.


No one want millbrae no more


Wow, bold statement…

I will take a 5/3 Millbrae home way up on Trousdale for 1M if you put a gun to my head…:laughing:


Super bargain


Dude, I told you about this house!!


How come you didn’t go for it??? Don’t give me your sloppy seconds!!!:grinning:


I wasn’t ready… :cry: :cry: :cry: